Tyrone_1DEVELOPING STORY – 37 days after his death, Tyrone Garner’s attorney Mitchell Katine of Williams, Birnberg & Andersen L.L.P, has admitted that Tyrone’s brother signed the papers this morning releasing Tyrone’s body to the county for cremation (at no cost). However, he would like for Tyrone’s ashes to be put in a metal urn (instead of a plastic bag) and he would like to run/print some obituaries at a total cost of $430.00. The fund which was set up has only received $225.00 to date, $205.00 short of the now $430.00 needed to just put Garner in an urn and not a plastic bag.  This comes after Tyrone’s body laid in limbo for over a month. Tyrone Garner was the black gay plaintiff in the famous Lawrence v. Texas case

I am not soliciting donations for $205.00 because for an attorney and an organization with an operating budget of $10.5 million, that’s just fucking ridiculous!  Not to mention how his name and case was pimped and used to raise money for Lambda Legal and other groups.  This is just another example of how Blacks are used and discarded by the so-called gay leadership of America.

I am not a deeply religious person, but it makes you wonder if Tyrone is looking down from heaven and seeing that his so called friends and allies wouldn’t even cough up the dough to bury or cremate him.

Garner’s body is headed to Harris County, Texas, to be disposed of as a pauper.

Keith Boykin points out that “ironically, it was a police officer in Harris County who barged into a private apartment and arrested Garner for having consensual sex with a male partner. And it was the state of Texas that spent an enormous amount of time and money in pursuing the case all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.”

It’s clear Tyron Garner was a hero to the LGBT community. Every gay man who engages in sex in the State of Texas should be thanking him for having the courage to do what he did.  Not to mention that Lawrence v. Texas, was the most important U.S. Supreme Court case for the gay and lesbian community.

Garner and his partner were arrested in their own apartment in Houston, Texas while engaged in consensual sexual activity. The two men were tried and convicted of "deviate sexual intercourse." After a five-year court battle, the U.S. Supreme Court reversed their convictions in 2003. In a landmark decision, the Court struck down all state laws that prohibited homosexual intercourse, thus wiping away the conservative argument that gays could were not entitled to equal treatment under the law because homosexual sex was a crime.

Since that time, the Lawrence decision has helped to lay the groundwork for marriage equality, civil unions laws, and a challenge to the military "don’t ask, don’t tell" policy against openly gay service members. No other hero of our community would be allowed to lie in limbo a full month after he died.

The fact that his remains were not properly cared for and the situation was kept under wraps for an entire month is proof positive of what the life of a Black gay man is worth in America.

The Money Trail
Lamda Legal gives thousands of dollars to political candidates every year.  Just take a look at the numbers.

1 . Adams, Michael
7/26/2004 $200.00
Jackson Heights, NY 11372
Lambda Legal/Director Of Education [Contribution]

2 . Cathcart, Kevin
8/6/2004 $1,000.00
New York, NY 10005
Lambda Legal/Executive Director [Contribution]

3 . Gasparini, Mark A
6/28/2004 $500.00
New York, NY 10011
Lambda Legal/CFO [Contribution]

4 . Goldstein, Frances
9/25/2003 $500.00
New York, NY 10011
Lambda Legal Defense Fund/Executive [Contribution]

5 . Goldstein, Frances
8/28/2003 $500.00
New York, NY 10011
Lambda Legal Defence/Deputy Directo [Contribution]

6 . Hill, Rick
10/18/2004 $500.00
New York, NY 10011
Lambda Legal/Director of Events [Contribution]

7 . Logue, Patricia
10/15/2004 $250.00
Chicago, IL 60657
Lambda Legal/attorney [Contribution]

8 . Logue, Patricia Ms.
7/28/2004 $250.00
Chicago, IL 60657
Lambda Legal/attorney [Contribution]

9 . Senterfitt, Jack H.
5/28/2004 $1,750.00
Atlanta, GA 30306
Lambda Legal/Attorney [Contribution]

Are you as pissed off as I am? Contact them directly.

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Note: In the Supreme Court case, Garner is identified as "Tyron Garner." However, in news accounts, he is identified as "Tyrone Garner with an "e" at the end of his name.