Check out the banned episodes of The Boondocks.

According to the two episodes were originally scheduled to air on November 16 and December 17, but leaked online, after airing in Canada.

In the first episode, “The Hunger Strike,” Huey teams up with an Al Sharpton-like character ‘Rollo Goodlove’ (played by Cee-Lo Green from Gnarls Barkley) and goes on a hunger strike to protest BET. In what has since become a bizarre example of life imitating art, BET execs ‘Deborah Leevil’ and ‘Weggie Rudlin’ (imagine Black female Dr. Evil and Reginald Hudlin as Number 2) go through extraordinary lengths to thwart young Huey’s crusade.

In what was supposed to be the Season Finale, Uncle Ruckus is given a reality show on BET. The show sees Ruckus giving a tour of the mini-shrines to white people in his home, welcoming white kids onto the school bus he drives while shooing black child characters Riley and Huey away from it, and criticizing the idea of school desegregation. Midway through the episode, Ruckus takes a heritage test and gets results that say he’s 102% African. Previously saying that he had a disease in which his white skin was turned black, he goes through a stupor of depression for the remainder of the episode.

Character Wedgie Rudlin—presumably, a parody of the name Reggie Hudlin—has more of a prevalent role in this episode than in the previously-leaked “The Hunger Strike.” He introduces the concept of “BET Animation,” and offers a cartoon version of McDonald’s Hamburglar (“He’s a hungry thug,” he beams) as the show “Beef” as an idea for the segment. He also has a monologue in which he tells Ruckus about BET’s mission to destroy black people, and how passionate he is about it.

It’s no secret Aaron McGruder is known for taking it there, and after looking at the “banned episodes,” I feel comfortable in saying, he’s gone alll the way there and I am not surprised the episodes were banned by BET.

I do have my issues with BET, no secret there. I am especially concerned about the fact that with a Black man running for President, the network isn’t using this year to bring back their daily evening newscast. With all this talk about race and African-Americans, I just think it’s a shame that none of the “Black” networks are focusing on the news as it relates to the election on a daily basis and that we’re forced to look at other networks who almost always don’t present it from a Black point of view.

It does kind of seem like a conspiracy to me. But I also take into consideration that while it’s called Black Entertainment Television, it’s not owned by African-Americans and I think that played heavily into what has become of BET today.

Your thoughts?

“The Hunger Strike”

“Uncle Ruckus Reality Show”