2008 DNC: About Hillary’s Speech…

If you put me on a well lit stage, dress me in something that compliments my sista assets, beat my face something wicked, put all of my friends and family in the first 50 rows surrounding the stage I am standing on with signs displaying their adoration for me, cue the Jasmyne Cannick version of “This Is Your Life,” conveniently leaving out those moments I’m not so proud of—like the time I fell out in a McDonald’s induced coma on the couch in front of the television fully dressed with a french fry in one hand and a Chicken McNugget in the other or the time I keyed my ex-girlfriend’s car and then hid my car at my best friend’s house all because she had the audacity to be at the Les Nubians concert with some other chick and I momentarily lost it—I’d deliver an Emmy worthy performance too.

I’m just saying.

Don’t make it out to be more than it is. She, like everyone else, is doing her part—no more no less. Neither tonight’s performance or tomorrow’s encore by the hubby is going to erase the past 16 months for this sista.

The Court of Public Opinion

  • Gulls

    Yeah *sigh* it’s so sad that she won’t be president. I even saw a sista on there after Hillary spoke, and she was toe-up behind it and claim she doesn’t even know if she will vote even though she is hardcore democrat. Obama must have her spooked, gulls.

  • Nyah M.

    Gulls: I saw the black woman after the speech too and she was a great embarrassment. She can see the future of the country with a white woman, but not with a black man.

    The #1 reason our community is not doing well is because Black people dont support each other. Any time one of our own advances, some dumb ass has to show up.

    But this broad will be disappointed when Obama wins in November.

    O’Biden (Obama and Biden) 2008

  • Impressed, NOT by HC how about too little too late. The covers came off of the Clintons during the primaries..Those of us awake in Arkansas were never fooled. Now be my guest and check out closely the Black eople they truly liked…I rest my case..”O” is NOT the Messiah but he has my vote and support. How bout checking out the talking heads lately, i.e. Sharpton, Jesse, Rangel, et al. POOF time for new leadership long overdue. PEACE SISTAHS UNLESS THERE BE WAR.

  • Anita Hill believer

    Why did Barack choose Biden? Remember Biden from the Thomas-Hill hearings? As stated by SmartMom, “Biden was rude and dismissive to Anita Hill when she testified against Clarence Thomas. I’ll never forget the way he referred to him as “Judge Thomas” and her as “Miss Hill,” not “Dr. Hill” or “Professor Hill.” And he didn’t allow other women Thomas harassed to testify”. How is this showing women that he will support them and their causes? Not to mention that he chose someone who didn’t respect a sista.

  • I thought that Hillary Clinton ‘did what she had to do’ to create the perception that she is a “party woman”. I’ve looked at Hillary Clinton for the past several weeks since she essentially lost the nomination — and she was not so convincing of her support. Last nights performance was to set herself up for re-election either in NY or for the next presidential election were (G-D)forbid, McCain to win. Don’t get me wrong, ..appreciated her doing it — but don’t quite see the authenticity. Still. Hillary and Bill are all about Hillary and Bill. Don’t get it twisted.

    Jasmyne, love your site.

    Peace and Love,

  • Jan

    To Tell The Truth!!!!!!! They just need to say the real reason they don’t want Obama in office. He’s BLACK!!!!!!!!

  • Ignoarnt Black Rants

    YOu idiots. Let’s stop turning this into black and white. You’re ruining it for everyone. I know you like to blame the lack of advancement on color, but let’s get real. It’s not color. It’s character, don’t be ignorant. Hillary would have made a better democratic candidate, let’s face it. Thanks to Obama, and the circus this election has become we’re bound to suffer another four years under republican control. Thanks alot, Obama.