March 28th, 2008



Thank (insert the higher being of your believe here) it’s Friday! Before I get out of here for weekend, I’ve got a little bit of housekeeping to do. First, thanks for all of the feedback on the launch of the new site layout. I’m still working out some kinks here and there, but overall I am satisfied with it. I hope you find it easier to read and more aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. Second, kudos to my girl Janelle and myself for taking our asses to Runyan Canyon for five days in a row (Sunday through Thursday) and hiking. Mosquito bites and all, it was worth it.

Featured LGBT Sexuality

Baby Mama Drama: Part One

I am fascinated by lesbian women who enter into these traditional heterosexual roles within their very gay relationships. You know the ones where there’s a feminine and a masculine counterpart. And in these relationships the fem has kids, and these kids are walking around calling the stud Daddy. There’s more than one type of baby mama drama…Agree or disagree?

Entertainment Featured

Guess Which Rapper(s) Are Going to Jail Now?

I never quite understood why people who have “made it” don’t exhibit the common sense necessary to keep their asses out of prison. Today we have a duo. First up, rapper T.I. pleaded guilty Thursday to federal weapons possession charges and will spend one year doing community service while awaiting a sentence that includes prison time. Then there’s the oh so sad story of rapper Remy Ma. According to, Remy Ma broke down in tears Thursday after she was found guilty on four charges of assault in state Supreme Court in Manhattan.