June 4th, 2008


Bitter B$%^#@*

There are some bitter bitches, and yes I said BITCHES out there roaming the streets mad at every Black person they see. It probably was the huge “Obama Mama” custom made sticker on the back of my car, or maybe it was the huge smile I flashed at her as I casually noticed her “Hillary for President” sticker on her car…that she’s now unfortunately stuck with. All I know is I’m not trying to go to jail, but don’t test me. Why can’t Hillary’s supporters lose gracefully? Oh snap—Hillary couldn’t lose gracefully, so why would her supporters?

Featured Race & Identity

A Spoonful of Sugar Helps the Medicine Go Down: From Black to White Overnight

I knew that eventually if Sen. Obama ascended to the Democratic nomination for President that the issue of his “whiteness” was going to come up. Up until now Obama has been characterized as Black or African-American for the most part in the media. Not mixed, not white, but Black or African-American. Now that he’s the nominee, I am watching news reports labeling him as the first “mixed race,” and the first “person of color.” It just seems to me that if he’s been Black all this time, now that he’s “done good” by clinching the nomination, why try and claim him now?

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