American Urban Radio Network’s Bev Smith of "The Bev Smith Show" heard daily at the 37th Annual CBC Annual Legislative Black Caucus.

I’m back from this year’s Congressional Black Caucus Annual Legislative Black Conference held in Washington D.C.

There was no shortage on Blacks engaged in politics at this year’s conference as indicated by the massive numbers that descended upon our Nation’s Capital to participate.

Jena 6 was of course the hot topic of conversation as well as emerging Black leadership.  Some of the participants this year included radio host Michael Baisden, Rev. Jesse Jackson, actors Hill Harper and Sheryl Lee Ralph, the Black AIDS Institute, Donna Brazile, CNN’s Roland Martin, former Congressman Harold Ford, Jr., Keith Boykin, and more.

Personal highlights for me included catching up with my brother Keith Boykin over dinner, hanging with girls Michel Martin and Jennifer Longmire over at NPR, and finally being able to give one of my favorite media personalities and her producer a big hug for all of her work, American Urban Radio Network’s Bev Smith (pictured above) and Laurence Gaines.

Los Angeles was definitely in the house, because everywhere I went I was running into folks from L.A., Compton, and Long Beach.

When I look back the high attendance of the CBC’s ALC, it makes it impossible to believe that Blacks aren’t interested in politics.  Young and not-so-young, from all over the country and in fact the world, made their way to D.C. to network and discuss the critical issues facing Blacks today.

All I can say is that I left the conference rejuvenated and ready to take on the world and do my part in advancing the Black agenda…Looking forward to next year!