A Horse is a Horse, Unless of Course…

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In the Los Angeles Police Department a horse is a horse unless of course that horse belongs to the Chief’s daughter.  So let’s go right to the source about that horse.

Now this may be too “insiderish” for some of you but it’s exactly the type of behavior that keeps morale low within the department and people talking.

Let me start with saying that people put years into working for the LAPD with the hopes of promoting through the ranks and scoring coveted positions. In fact, I was told once that if after a year or two you’re still a P2 (Police Officer 2), people in the department look at you like there’s something wrong with you.

The name of the game is to promote.

So that’s why many officers of different ranks are looking at Police Chief Charlie Beck’s daughter Officer Brandi Scimone-Pearson sideways.

She’s only a P3 but not only has she managed to get transferred to the elite Mounted Platoon (cops on horses) but she even got the department to buy her personal use horse from her so that she could ride it at work. It’s been said that the department, using taxpayer dollars, paid the Beck family a pretty penny for that horse—more than they would normally spend. And on top of buying the horse, now the department pays all of the horses medical needs and boarding.

In laymen’s terms, let’s say you got a job working downtown in the Mayor’s office and you lived in Riverside. And let’s say you managed to get the City to buy a car that you already own from you that you use to drive to and from work everyday.  On top of that, the City now pays for all of the maintenance on your car.

Now what kind of sense does that make and how ethical is it?

It seems that the Chief’s daughter was transferred to the prestigious Mounted Platoon after the brewhaha with her then boyfriend Sergeant George Hoopes whom she had investigated after she discovered he’d been having sex with other female officers he was supervising. Everyone in the department also knew that the only thing that saved Hoopes’ ass was the naked pictures he threatened to expose of her and that the Chief couldn’t let that happen.

According to LAPD insiders, Beck’s daughter, after about one month into the Mounted Platoon, was selected as the department’s horse purchaser and assistant trainer. A position that is usually reserved for people who have had significant time in the unit.

This was another slap in the face to tenured officers who believe it has less to do with her job performance and more to do with nepotism and cronyism. She’s the Chief’s daughter.

There is currently an open inquiry (complaint) with Inspector General Alex Bustamante with allegations that the department overpaid for her horse and that Lieutenant Tony Lomedico, the Mounted Platoon leader was fully aware of it and said and did nothing.

No word on what the investigation will turn up or if a real one will be done at all. Many LAPD officers have no faith in a full investigation because they know that Chief Beck has people in strategic positions all along the way to make sure things are covered up.

They figure if she could get away with lying during an Internal Affairs investigation about her sexual relationship with Hoopes, surely she can get away with having the department use taxpayer dollars to buy her horse from her so that she can ride the horse at work.

It’s also said that the department has plans on buying horses from Debbie and Kevin McCarthy, two of Chief’s Beck’s closest friends in the department.

I will say this again, when cops start telling on cops, we need to all pay attention. Things are not well in the LAPD and the rank-and-file seem to have had it with the leadership of Chief Beck.

What say you?

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Update Tuesday, August 5, 2014 at 9:49 a.m.

So as of now, the Los Angeles Times has confirmed for the naysayers that yes, the Los Angeles Police Department Foundation ponied up $6,000 for the purchase of Chief Charlie Beck’s daughter’s horse.

The horse coincidentally shares the same name as Chief Beck’s father retired Deputy Chief George Beck.

Click here to read the intradepartmental memo from Chief Beck to the Police Commission entitled “Approval of Non Monetary Donation.”

But let’s be clear, taxpayers are paying for the board and care of that horse.

The question I have is if and when the time comes that Officer Pearson would like to buy her horse back from the Department, does she return the $6,000 or does she get to buy her horse back for a drastically reduced price?

No matter how you look at it, unless you are the Chief or part of his upper echelon, this is a huge conflict of interest to say the least.

The Court of Public Opinion

  • colonel

    I wish I could get a deal like that!

  • terra

    Maybe you should get the whole story before you start spreading shit that does not state all the facts! You are no better then the main stream media idiots!! Get your facts straight!!

  • On The Job

    Terra, don’t let your emotional connection to the subject interfere with your clear thinking… You’d be surprise as to how many maybe of us have first hand inside info on what goes on within the dept, which we’re going to continue to share with anyone who’ll listen, and wish to expose it.

    Maybe YOU should get your facts straight and/or don’t try to cover for your pal.

    Lots of unhappy and demoralized police officers out there with lots of stories to tell about the “sponsored”…

  • On The Job

    Oh, and please Jasmyne… keep up the good work!!

  • LAPD Lap Dog

    Terra, You must be Chief Becks lap dog? Or should I say LAPDog? I have almost 25 years on the job and spent plenty of time at internal affairs. The allegations you are reading are most certainly accurate. The reason you never hear about them is because officers and supervisors are terrified of retaliation. Trust me, Jasmyne has only touched the tip of the iceberg. As a proud member of the LAPD I am excited that all of these things are FINALLY being exposed. Enough is enough!!

    I really hope Jasmyne Cannick looks into the extra marital affair that Chief Beck was having with Lilly Caranza. You know, the “cute little Hispanic lady” that Frank Lyga mentioned during his rant. Hopefully Jasmyne will investigate Chief Beck’s wife showing up to 77th Division and confronting Capt. Lillian Carranza in her office???

    Grab your seat ladies and gentlemen, the show is only beginning.

  • Sad lady

    Why do you want to be considered a legit reporter.. You don’t check
    Your facts before you report them.. Most journalist would be fired. Based on the fact they are reporting they are reporting what ever is told to them with out checking there source or facts.. Shame on you .. You need to be transparent., . CHECK YOUR FACTS .. Before you start to
    Throw everyone under the bus..
    Journalist don’t choose sides. They report the facts.. I don’t see that going on here..

  • Tired of the B.S.

    Beck’s daughter only takes advantage of opportunities provided her. At the end it’s the moral cowards who promote her and put her in these positions of privilege because they’re only concerned about how Beck will perceive them and how it will affect their next promotion or position that are at fault. Whether it was Capt J. Rodriguez at Newt promoting her to P3 when there were more qualified candidates, the exception to the Metro PFQ standards because she couldn’t do push ups, or now a trainer position, a position usually reserved for long standing equine practioners it all suggests the same thing. I guess in the end it worked for Rodriguez, after getting caught making misleading statements and obstructing a personnel investigation, he got demoted and in less than a year he was promoted back to his original rank. Same with Hillman’s nephew, how many rank and file members would that have applied to given the same circumstances? Lomedico’s afraid of his own shadow so no surprise there as far as the trainer position. In contrast, it took the other mounted trainer many years to get to the same position. It’s also sad for her because no matter the position or rank all of which are controlled by superiors, they can’t control the credibility or respect factors amongst the rank and file toward her.

  • Sergeant Cathy Marx

    Chief Beck..please..stop making commander Smith work so hard! what happened to the transparency you say you value? why are the command staff, including you, held to a lower standard than the rank and file? Stop the DOUBLE STANDARD. Start being a leader and setting the correct tone. Please, Chief, tell the truth! Admit you made a mistake…we have to tell the truth..why shouldn’t you? Come on Chief, give it a try…you might find it refreshing!

  • On The Job

    This train has been trying to get to the Truth Station for a long time… thanks for taking the wheel Jasmyne! Keep up the good work!

  • On The Job

    Did you read this Jasmyne? They’re on to you! Be strong and stay focused.

    I like what they have to say about sexual relations between officers… “The commission that oversees the Los Angeles Police Department will look into whether Chief Charlie Beck played any role in softening disciplinary action against a male sergeant accused of having an improper relationship with the chief’s daughter, who is an LAPD officer. The case centers on Sgt. George Hoopes, whom the department accused of violating rules against romantic ties between supervisors and those they command. The department sought to have him demoted.”

    I guess that didn’t apply to Michael “Motel Mike” Bostic… or Maurice “Get ’em drunk then bang ’em” Moore… or Blowjob Betty… oh, my bad, they we’re all staff… never mind…


  • Dart

    Sure easy to bash on Beck…not denying that he doesn’t deserve it…from the article it appears he does…That said, I can’t help to think that Beck’s “whiteness” is contributing factor for Jasmyne’s tenacity in digging up dirt…Jasmyne where is the tenacity to investigate Chief Earl “the pearl” Paysinger and his rumored prostitution capering/possible outside agency detainment? What about Bernie parks and his family ties to gangland LA? Is it that they are the wrong complexion thus not sparking your interest?

  • elysian parks

    Digging up dirt?
    Hardly. More like placing sandbags around the site of a broken sewer line to channel the overflow into a catch basin.
    The matter at hand here is not Bernard Parks or Earl Paysinger.
    The matter at hand is Charlie Beck’s request for another 5 year contract to run the LAPD.
    The next matter at hand is the process of reviewing candidates and selecting 3 finalists for Mayor Garcetti to choose the new Chief.
    Charlie Beck has had his run, its fairly clear that his reign is done.
    He can begin planning his schedule of honorariums and farewell banquets.
    Charlie Beck can ride off into retirement as one of the most publicly popular and well-liked Chiefs of all time, but he cannot remain in charge of LAPD for another 5 years.
    Nobody can lead LAPD after they have lost the respect of the organization.
    I would expect to hear Beck’s announcement of withdrawal by the end of the week.
    If the lights are on in the study at Soboroff’s house and Beck’s car is in the driveway, then they are working on the final text of the announcement which Beck will deliver to the Commision later this morning.

  • NinaG

    Message from
    Chief Beck

    August 4, 2014

    Regarding Recent Articles on Discipline Matters

    Over the past few days there have been several internet posts making allegations against me and others in the Department regarding the investigation and adjudication of personnel investigations involving our officers.

    Personnel investigations are confidential and protected under the law from disclosure. It is important for you to know, however, that these posts include baseless rumors and numerous misleading, inaccurate and false statements. An example is a false statement that I was involved in a personnel investigation when,
    in fact, I had recused myself as I do in any case where I believe there may
    be even an appearance of a conflict of interest.

    I know that during this time as the Board of Police Commissioners considers my
    reappointment that some will take the opportunity to attack me for their own
    purposes and sometimes include false information. I know that comes with the
    job and the chair I sit in. Recently, they have even tried to bring my family
    into their attacks which have been very difficult. I know, though, that all
    of you can put aside the rumors and distractions, as I am doing, and continue
    the great work that you do every day in protecting our communities.

    Be well,

  • Dart

    I respect that. I just hope all the dirt is let out into the open. Not just the dirt that fits a specific agenda.

  • 1942 Transient

    “I know, though, that all of you can put aside the rumors and distractions,”

    No! you dont know that Charlie. We aren’t pushing anything aside you idiot. You’re the one trying to deflect your incompetence. Ive never seen a Chief attacked so aggressively by his own officers. We dont want you, your daughter or her horse here anymore.

  • Abandon Ship

    Paysinger has climbed through the ranks with many skeletons in his closet. From the mysterious stolen car to his gun somehow in the OJ Bronco. Being stopped for picking up prostitutes by Long Beach PD. Amazing this guys is Assistant Chief.

  • Peter

    Pass the popcorn…this is gonna be good

  • Karen McHale

    I have a question…..when was the incident with Beck’s wife and Capt. Carranza?

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  • Lourdes Lonchenge

    Don’t give up. Keep on fighting. Keeping on bringing out ALL the dirt the big cheese at LAPD. I hate above all else, an employer trashing its own employees for B.S. “disciplinary” issues then themselves doing 1,000 x worse with 0 consequences. The time has come. What goes around sure as hell comes around.

  • Lourdes Lonchenge

    What’s wrong? Can’t his daughter get hired at any other police department? 1st degree relatives (mom-son, dad-daughter, etc) should NOT be allowed to be on the same force together.

  • DannyK

    George cost $6,000.00 and must cost close to that in yearly maintenance. Food, hay, farrier, and vet bills are not cheap. That saves Officer Pearson a whole lot of money and she can “train” with George everyday on the Foundations nickle. Such a deal.

  • Pio Pio

    It never happened!!!!

  • Pio Pio

    You are sure in for a disappointment. Its an urban legend. Stand by for the Inspector General’s U-N-F-O-U-N-D-E-D report, but it made for yet another story.
    It will be a fun day in court to see if she can find her ass with her own two hands.

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  • jblma

    On The Job:
    I sure like to hear some ethic stories on motel mike, he’s at it again. I really like to know more of a 900k settlement and what was his involvement. Help us, Calexico hostage.

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