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The following is a recent conversation, almost verbatim, that really took place somewhere on Crenshaw Boulevard in Leimert Park in the early morning hours after breakfast.  Only the names have been changed to protect the ignorant.

Brotha #1: I ain’t supporting that mofo.  He’s a cop.  Gone always be a cop.  He don’t care about black people. I am so sick and tired of these politicians comin’ around when it’s time for re-election.

Brotha #2: But what about all of the good stuff that’s happened around here since he’s been in office.  Ain’t nobody else doing anything to help this area but him.

Brotha #1: Man forget that.  He’s a cop and cop’s can kiss my ass.  I remember when he was chief.  He was just as crooked as the one before him—Daryl Gates.

Brotha #2: I wouldn’t go that far.

Brotha #1: Look, forget him and the one who was in office before him that’s now supervisor too.  They all full of shit.  Ain’t none of them getting my vote.  They just paving the way for whites and Latina’s to take over Leimert Park.

Sista #1: Really, that’s interesting.  So let me get this straight—you’d rather see someone in office who is basically a figurehead for a white man and a Latina woman who need someone black to run for this area so they can be more sympathetic to their union’s needs than someone who really gives a damn about the area and the people in it just because he was a cop and you think he’s selling out black people?  I just want to be clear.

Brotha #2: Not to mention besides being a figurehead for the unions she’s supported by the other mofo you don’t like whose supervisor now.

Brotha #1: Man—fuck what you going through.  I know this guy and he’s a cop and he’s always gonna be a cop.  He’s part of the reason why I used to get hemmed up back in the day and be sitting on the sidewalk.

Sista #1: (Laughing) Yea, like you didn’t do anything back in the day to warrant getting hemmed up.

Brotha #: I don’t care what you sayin’ I’m supporting him anyway cause I know what he’s done and even if I didn’t I ain’t about to support someone who I don’t know and has never been around here before. Fuck what you’re going through.

Brotha #1: That’s you—you cop loving son of a—

Sista #1: Hey, hey now! It’s too damn early for all of that.

Brotha #1: And you—you can kiss my ass too.

Sista #1: Yea, whatever.  Hey, before I get out of here—because while it’s been lovely I’ve got things to do today—I just have one question for you brotha.

Brotha #1 – Yea, what’s that?

Sista #1 – Are you registered to vote?

Brotha #1 – Hell naw I ain’t registered to vote.  Vote for what?  Man fuck the system and all these fake ass politicians.

Sista #1 – Negro please.  Then what the fuck am I wasting my time talking to your ass for.  Your opinion matters none.  Deuces.

And the crowd went fanatic.

The moral of the story is that if you have an opinion on the upcoming March 8th election and the candidates running for office and you’re not registered to vote or just don’t vote—STFU cause nobody including me–um I mean Sista #1–wants to hear it.

The end.