A White Gay’s Guide on Dealing with the Black Community for Dummies Chapter 8: The Sad Professor

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A White Gay’s Guide on Dealing with the Black Community for Dummies
Chapter 8: The Sad Professor

I almost had to dip into my bail fund reserve yesterday, after having to sit in a tiny room for 45 minutes with the Sad Professor aka our version of Carlton from the Fresh Prince of Bel Aire, and engage in a conversation on Blacks and LGBT politics.

For the record, the Sad Professor is one those “brothas” and I use the word lightly, who is disconnected from the Black community entirely, except for the rare trips to Leimert Park. He’s what white gays consider to be a “safe Black,” Black men who date white men are oftentimes considered by the gay community to be less threatening than their counterparts who only date Black men. However to me he’s an Agent—a Black face that’s used when needed to try and convince Blacks to support an agenda of gay marriage.

So this Sad Professor is the leader of the Barbara Jordan and Bayard Rustin Coalition, a store front operation for the white gay agenda with Black faces claiming to be a Black gay civil rights group. And oddly enough is also named after two other “safe Blacks” who were involved in interracial relationships? Coincidence? I think not. More like COINTELPRO.

For the record, I don’t care if people want to put their sexual orientation or identity before their race. But don’t try and tell me that because I choose to claim that I am Black before anything else that somehow I am wrong and am less of a lesbian. That’s what you’re not going to do. And I don’t give a hot damn how many big words you use, which by the way is the reason that you don’t relate well to Blacks in the community on this issue to begin with, you’re no more a part of the Black community than RuPaul is and that’s being real. Being Black and being a part of the community are two entirely different things. South Pasadena is not South Los Angeles last time I checked.

Quick! Name three streets in Compton. To hard? Ok, name one major street east of Main Street in Los Angeles.

My point exactly.

And what really pissed me off was his complete lack of knowledge as it relates to the demographics of Los Angeles County and where the majority of Black gays live. He seems to think we reside on the Westside of Hollywood.

It’s really not fair to put me against him either.  Mainly because he’s just not a good public speaker and when he gets nervous or intimidated, which is any time he’s out of his comfort zone,  he starts to stutter and shit and for about half a second I start to feel guilty–that is until he says something ludicrous like about gay marriage being the most important thing for Black gays today.

I am not going to say that Black gays don’t care about marriage—but to the extent that it is important to us, I think we can organize ourselves. I am not of the mindset that we need outsiders to come in and develop our agenda and talking points for us. Nor do I think that it’s appropriate to be passing yourself off as chocolate when you’re really carob—that fake shit.

Some people just don’t get, can’t get, and won’t get it. I give you the Sad Professor.

BTW, if that conversation ever reaches the light of day and is aired, I’ll let you know, lol.  It’s a good one!

I’m from the ghetto homey
I was raised on bread and bologna
You can’t come around here ’cause ya phony
Now keep it movin, move around, get off me
Now keep it movin, move around, get off me

The Court of Public Opinion

  • So you had a discussion with a “carob” man. You don’t like him.
    What does that teach a White person about the “community for dummies”?

    BTW, you have two auto start music players on this post. This is tricky to deal with. At least you don’t have Eddie Murphy shouting F you.

  • M

    Are you fucking kidding me. He uses BIG words-shit I am so tired of that-I suppose he talks white too. You ass. To people like you unless we are guilty of a poor vocabulary and words of more than one sylable intimidate us and have no ability to string a sentence together and don’t live in the hood we are not blacks. Well I can’t name a street in Compton not everyone black lives in Compton or South Central–thank GOD!!! And by the way South Pasadena is a beautiful town-I highly recomend it.I live in Brentwood a lovely area also. Do you think blacks are only worthy to live in the ghetto??Which by the way no disrespect to new latino immigrants is mostly a barrio now anyway.And I LOVE Barbara Jordan. You seem like you are seething with jealousy to me.Wow you have a whole criteria for how all blacks should speak and where we all should live or we are fake blacks carobs……

  • A

    It seems like this post is mostly about how you have a personal problem with this person! And this writing is sketchy! I guess on blogs, anything goes.

    And I actually follow both of you, and I think the man you’re talking about lives in a working-class neighborhood of El Sereno, 90032. Mostly latino, but some black, some quite. Not bougie South Pasadena. Or West of Hollywood, wherever that is.

    Cannick is a lot more effective when she’s talking about stuff she knows about and leaves aside the cheap personal attacks.

  • V

    “For the record, I don’t care if people want to put their sexual orientation or identity before their race. But don’t try and tell me that because I choose to claim that I am Black before anything else that somehow I am wrong and am less of a lesbian.”

    So where do you get off telling a black man that he is less of a black man because he puts his sexual orientation before his race? Your hypocrisy is truly beyond measure.

  • CJ

    >He’s what white gays consider to be a “safe Black,” Black men who date white men are oftentimes considered by the gay community to be less threatening than their counterparts who only date Black men.

    So the sad professor is a threat to Madame Cannick because he dates a white man? I see.

    So many threats…so little time to care.

  • S

    Please give a break to Jas. Ofcourse white gays hire black faces to go around to show diversity and that is why people like this professor preaching marriage only to blacks is a good token and I bet he knows it too. Otherwise why he doesn’t raise the issue of race because he must think he is white since white gays are letting him hang with them. I saw his interview on a radio show and he sais absolutely nothing about RACISM and horrendous treatment of blacks, latino, and asians BY RACIST WHITES..he said NOTHING. So, dont tell us that he is not an AGENT.

  • big sistah

    huh these white folks are so screwed up in attacking someone’s credibility with their classic defense mechanisms — see how they are questioning writing abilities of a gifted author like Jas. Nothing is beyond racist white gays. they would go to any extent to discredit and abuse people of color communities. This is what they do best. Ofcourse that black guy just brings shame to the entire black community including black LGBT people as well as people of color everywhere by becoming a dirty mouth piece of white gays. We just hope that this black guy sees through that racist shit one day and stop pretending to be a whitie..

  • M

    This type of talk is limiting and just plain tragic. A dirty mouth piece for white gays?? Are you fucking kidding me! He thinks he is white b/c white gays let him hang out with him!!!! He is pretending to be white!! Barbara Jordan is a safe black b/c her partner is white… (Barbara Jordan was a trailblazing well educated black woman-that her life partner who nursed her through end stage multiple sclerosis was caucasian dosen’t make her any less black or miraculous)Listen to yourselves. This is just too pitiful. You all have very low opinions of yourselves and your abilities.And your spewing of all this hatred is just exhausting. Stop preying on folks who get an education and represent well,. they are good for all of us.We don’t think we are white(stupid, stupid comment) You are saying if we are well educated,well spoken then that is acting white-that says alot about what you think of black people. CRABS IN A BUCKET comes to mind. You are just jealous and no different then some gang banger in the ghetto that shoots his neighbor the honor student dead-bitter bitter jealousy and envy plain and simple. Jealous and envious and so twisted with it that you strike out in such a blatantly transparent way.You are more racist than any klansman and people like you are a blight to blacks everywhere with your racist rhetoric.And btw reverse discrimination is a very ugly thing too.

  • big sistah

    truth hurts, doesn’t it? that stinky bro, a dirty mouthpiece for racist gays, is a sell out to black community including LGBT blk ones and he can try as much as he wants to but his blackness is gonna show first before his sexuality.

    Ask him to show some balls and question why there are none of his kind at the top of white, racist gay organizations. But no he won’t. History has shown us that there are always traitors in any commuity.

    And to M you got a low opinion and some serious self esteem issues by calling other gang bangers just because we disagree with your “white” point of view. You are actually in denial by saying that white gays have never been racist and only reason those racist white organizations are even “talking” or letting some you blk bros “hang” out with you is they want something from blk community. Those gay whities would diss you out so fast you wont even know what hit you.

    Jas, we commend you for speaking out so boldly even though you are a sista and for surviving and standing against white, racist gay mafia. They don’t give a shit about blks or any other color for that matter. They discriminate themselves and deny jobs to people of color all the time. Do you think it is a coincidence that all the boards of major gay groups are filled with racist whities and most staffers are whites? That is how they support each other. And yes this black bro is trying to “fit” in. Quite pathetic. He needs therapy to overcome his image and self-hating behavior.

  • M

    You are tragic just tragic.I hope you are not reproducing. You are a vengeful against your own people kind of racist.I am an attorney who worked long and hard to get where I am I am under 30 and I never forget the trailblazers who enabled me to get where I am today. They hoed that road long and hard for me and I am paving it for others. I work with all caucasians it dosen’t mean I forgot where I came from but it means my single mom worked hard to put me through some of the best schools this city has to offer.She wanted better for me she didn’t want me stuck w/o oppurtunities in the ghetto with vengeful crabs like you preying on me.I am so happy when I see blacks like the good professor doing well in as you say in all white organizations they are paving the way they are representing well,A small group of law students were being walked through my firm yesterday by HR being introduced prior to a luncheon, those students of color sought me out and I them . They know, just know that I would steer them well introduce them to people who could assist them….thats who we are we want to elevate not drag down. One of the ladies in HR a black lady told me how proud of me she was when I started there,she arranged my health insurance forms in a way she didn’t for other starting staff . We ELEVATE we don’t drag down we are happy to see people trail blazing. And shock we have caucasian friends and never for a moment do we think we are privliged to hang out with them, we are their equals not beneath them. We never had that inferiority complex drummed into us-that is worse than hobbling a slave(look it up).-who did that to you? It makes me want to slap your mama. We had parents that elevated us,where education was the talk of our dinner tables. Everyone aunties,uncles,grandparents,close neighbors.. loved to see us soar,they tracked our grades ,came to our school functions—were always proud of us.Then we also ran into folks like you SEETHING with jealousy.We acted white they would say when we did well in our neighborhood schools,people like you were the reason my mother took me out of neighborhood public schools in the 3 rd grade-I still remember her saying those damm crabs in a bucket. Well let me tell you the ghetto is a place to keep us confined and doing poorly and being preyed upon by folks like you. You are not more black by wallowing in the ghetto and being poorly educated and lashing out @ caucasians as the cause of all your current problems. I am honoring my ancestors and my very evolved(thank God for my mother who was not a crab and wanted the best for me)mother with the path I am taking. I am representing.

  • M

    And yes your going after the good professor is a gang-banger mentality. You are jealous and envious and so you seek to destroy someone who is doing what you wish you could but you are so hobbled you can’t. Well, Big Sis buy some damm crutches and re-learn your walking-and get your shit together. I once clerked with a prosecutor in law school (a sister who was representing well and took me under her wing) she and I had such similiar stories-strong single moms…. (she lives in the Marina with her partner and both their mamas) she told me in her opinion all crimes have the root of envy and jealousy-and over time I have found that to be so true. You are just envious and jealous and it has made you rabid(look it up)with hate frothing @ the mouth like a dog.You don’t know which way is up you are even attacking your own. You don’t like caucasians running all the gay organizations then get your ass in there and change that shit. Be dignified and don’t embarass us b/c you will be representing.

  • *sighs and shakes head*

    I know I’m gonna regret this but fuck it, it needs to be said.

    I’m sitting here LMAO at some of the comments left on this post. The same comments that are frequently left here on this site by the critics and haters. And I’m not talking about loyal readers who may occasionally disagree and respectfully offer a valid counterpoint.

    I’m talking about those who come out of the woodwork just to scream and yell at Ms. Cannick and call her every rotten, nasty thing under the sun.

    I feel compelled to tell you that you are wasting your time. You’re not going to change her opinion or the opinion of those who agree with her. And each time you resort to personal attacks and making not so-veiled racist remarks, you are proving her point for her.

    Why do you think she never deletes the hateful replies and insults? Because each time you don’t form an eloquent counterpoint, you’re reinforcing every statement she makes and prove her absolutely right. She’s laughing at you like many other readers.

    That would be like me going on Rush Limbaugh’s blog, or Andrew Sullivan’s or Dan Savage’s and yelling and screaming at them about their rampant racism and privilege. Even though I’d be completely right in calling them out on it, what good will it do?

    They’re not going to change their views and I’m waisting my breath and energy, getting outraged.

    If she’s getting this much of a rise out of you, it’s probably because deep down you know she’s telling the truth. Otherwise you’d ignore her and keep it moving.

    Bottom line is, this is Ms. Cannick’s blog. This is her space and she’s going to speak on issues however she sees fit. You know where she stands on issues and you are certainly entitled to your opinion. But if you know her posts are going to incense you and if she’s half awful things that you say she is, then why are you reading and commenting?

    But keep commenting if you want to. The rest of us are getting a good laugh at the tomfoolery. In fact I’m literally sitting here with a bag of popcorn watching the wackiness ensue.

    And there you go.

  • S

    To M,

    You got some serious self esteem issues despite your education and whatever you got. That just shows you still can’t get rid of your color and have come up with defense mechanisms by actually blaming blks for your own blkness. You think you are the only educated blk or another person of color outthere. huh, many have come before you and proudly fought the racism and you are now a beneficiary of that fight. But, blks like you who defend racist white gays are a shame on not only blks but all people of color communities.

    You dont mention racism as an issue at all with in the white gay community. You think that blks and people of color are too lazy to work for gay rights groups. WAKE UP and see through the racist shit of white gay mafia and their good old boy network. They are the ones who oppress minorities and do it shamelessly. Show your guts to call upon them that why only time they use dirty, stinky blk mouthpieces is when they need a token to show their diversity to the world and especially now with the changing face of America.

    Instead of looking down at blk folks from ghetto, try to analyze how and why they are still stuck there? Try to think how racism affects opportunities in education and employment to people of color communities? You can still “fit” in by admitting to those facts. White gays know that shit too but choose to ignore it. I bet they talk behind your back and laugh at you. Deep down you know how guilty and shameful you are because you defend white gays while ignoring their racism and your raw reactions just prove that as Jasmine explains how and why white gays let blks hang out with them. It touches your nerve since you know it and it makes you angry about your color and your desires to be accepted by white gays.

    Ofcourse blks in relationships with whites are less threatening to racist white gays. So many times we have heard how white gays wanna fuck bros but not want to be seen in daylight with them. So, wake up, bro and stop pretending!!!!

    After prop 8, how these white gays got exposed when they showed their true colors and dirty secret of white gays got out.

    Jas, you go girl and show these racist white gays that blk and other people of color communities got the balls to challenge their racism despite the use of these agents from our communities. These random tokens don’t speak for us.

  • M

    Poor S re-read what I wrote. You are a dim-wit!!!!

  • S

    All this M knows he is how to engage in personal attacks if you don’t agree with him. He needs therapy to overcome his inferiro complex of his “blackness” and his desire to get approval from whites even if they discriminate against him. Instead of feeling angry at his personal comments I feel “sorry” for his poor soul and I truly hopes he gets some professional help.

    And for the use of tokens by white, racist gay community I don’t think they understand that we can smell these stinkly tokens from miles so they are actually worthless except add some color to their very background photoops. I don’t know if these tokens cost any money but it is a wasteful spending to create supposedly blk groups. White gay mafia should understand that that strategy failed and they need to genuinely address their racism. Blks and other people of color are not in a position to take away their privileges and we are not that scary. That would help the entire LGBT community.

  • M

    Fool, I am a 26 yo old woman!!!!And I challenge you to read each and everything I wrote and then we can have intelligent disagreement. No, I never said caucasians gays were not racist…… I don’t really care if they are or not.Just don’t jump on your own for trying to change the status quo really changing the face of things-what a crab youare when you do that. I don’t care if black gays /lesbians partner up w/caucasians I don’t disagree with people finding one another whatever helps us on this hard journey of life gives a little pleasure,love, whatever… go @ it I say.-w/my blessings..I am not about to make a career out of being black-shit get off the cross someone needs the wood.. I don’t work with the gay community (I am a corporate lawyer)so what some club hopping geriatric caucasian gay says about me is inmaterial to me!!!!.. Stop whinning like a big sissy and if you don’t like it change it. I defy you to read each of my entries-and stop putting words in my mouth.

  • Mister C

    OK M, Congratulations you’re a corporate lawyer!
    And your point is?????? You’ve work hard for it.

    You may not like not what Jasmyne says. But it does hold light to these issues. And basically if a Black voice will NOT be a voice for the Black LGBT community then what’s the use of you being a voice. The whites have many voices and we see them all the time.

    And all of this is really intriguing me because I have been out since I was 18. I am now 42 yrs old. Growing up in the Gay life in NYC there was a time if a black went into a bar on Christopher St that was predominately white you wouldn’t get in unless you were with whites.

    Just this past weekend it was Black Gay Pride in Philly and I don’t go out often maybe 2x’s a year. I went and I was amazed at the diversity in the crowd. I guess on lower levels of Gay society things are changing. But in the higher echelon it’s not.

    Because like S said after Prop 8 the truth really came out on what most of Blacks have always known that there is racism in this community. Now of course we know all Gay whites ARE NOT prejudice. But for the ones that are this will NOT advance us as one. It will only tear us down regardless of GAY MARRIAGE. And it is really time that issue is brought to the front and it needs to STOP being ignored! The marriage SHIT is out there. Now lets move to the next topic.

  • M

    Well said.But there is such an innocence to all this by the black GLBT com. are you really so shocked the caucasian com. has racisim? It mirrors the straight com. just as our com. does ours. it is what it is-I am not saying don’t change it-but shit stop crying do something. I personally when I came back after to school to So, Ca. went with a friend to some gay dem meeting in WHollywood and never went again it was a futile joke . To me a colossal waste of timeThey were bickering like alot of old queens….But why do black gays dis people like S dis other blacks trying to change things in the com? Calling them sell-outs…. saying whites laughing behind our backs…. that is a massive inferiority complex… maybe it is generational… I just don’t have that baggage(TY mommy)I think it is just pure envy. And I am sorry leaving the ghetto is not selling out my race. I think living corraled up is limiting in everyway.

  • Your Name

    h ru

  • J.

    While I don’t believe at all that the only way someone Black can be effective is if they were raised in the ghetto, (Obama anyone?) I do get where Jas is coming from. A person in power who has not experienced first hand the effects of oppression, will probably not address it. It is one thing to read about a statistic ie. certain incarceration, death, poverty, lack of education, etc. and another to live it. When you know that your brother or sister may never return home again everytime they walk out the front door because of random shooting, or that the police will beat or shoot someone black just for being black..to live that way is more painful and thus not easily forgotten. Well to do White people think “well everyone has choices” but choices made depend on what options are on the table. I don’t think a black person has to have lived in the ghetto to be truly “Black” but to think that Black issues aren’t something needing to be addressed separately from the now popular “One Race” concept is a pipedream. Racism is very much alive and well in America.

  • proud to be queer and colored

    The black professor is a pathetic soul and he does not get it that white racist mafia is just putting him outthere to speak on marriage alone and once that happens, he would be dissed..sorry professa you would then have to hang out with blks and other colored folks unless ofcourse white gays got any use for you in the bedroom in the middle of the night so they dont have to be seen with you in public.

    This professor has a history of supporting white orgs and being their “token.” You can track his involvement with white gay orgs which are in dire need of people of color tokens and he comes in handy. I truly feel sorry for him.

  • Rick


    This is a very interesting article. I will say this, I am a 40 y.o black gay male (I look about 27 because I kept myself up) and I have noticed that several of the Black Gay Men that date White Men are nasty and rude to other Black Gay Men, GODS knows if you go to an all white Gay Bar, Black men don’t even acknowledge each other and defend the white men. I have noticed that usually the Black Men that Date White Men are dark skinned and have heavy “African Features” and appear to hate their Blackness. This even holds truth in certain cities that I have lived in the USA such as Phoenix, Seattle, Minneapolis, Portland, Some of Atlanta and of all places, in the suburbs of Detroit, MI and I am from Chicago (God forbid San Franciso and Boystown in Chicago). There are brothers who turn their noses up when they are with a White Man and some supposedly “Straight” sisters. The sad thing is these White Men are not Rich and it’s usually only a sexual fantasy for White Men/People to have our black genitals. You also have to be careful of being Black and Conscious because they are Blacks who appear Black but are only in Black Skin. Let the truth be known; Can they or would they really help us career wise of financially? Say if we were White, they would. White Gays find we Black Gays invisible, just look at Prop 08. We Blacks need to embrace each other more and not worry about how someone looks, etc. All of Black People are Beautiful because we come in all shades. It’s the Media that lies to we Blacks. If I am correct, All the Beautiful Women Recorded in History (Biblical) were Black for example: The Queen Sheba, Queen Cleopatra, Queen Nefertiti, etc. And all the Power Men were Black, King Ramses I, King Ramses II, Moses, just to name a few. If this is not true then why did Hollywood portray these real people as White. Even Judaism is from Africa/ Ethiopia not Jerusalem.

    Being Black and Gay is totally different from Being White and Gay and every White Person assumes all Black People want them. Now they are trying to compare being Gay the “New Black.” Bullshit!! We are aware Black Gays and Blacks in a whole who love our Blackness, our concerned about how we act and dressed and our trying honestly to improve our lives have to take the BULK of Shit for the Black Gays and Blacks who are brain washed. I have known some “supposedly straight black men” to have sex and babies with a white person because they want their kids to be light “with good hair.” What a Joke when those children genes come back to Black. If you ever noticed, the Whites that have Blacks as their sex objects are not Rich nor do they have influence. They usually get a Black Person who has never had or experienced anything from childhood to adulthood while being Black in America like: travel, culture, etc. Just like a White Man can ride through the lower parts of town, late at night, in his pretty car driven from the suburbs with his wife and kids at home, looking for drugs, and sex in the black community and the police won’t even stop him. If the police does, the police will tell him to be safe and leave the area and return back home to his wife and kids. Let my Black Ass get even lost in an all White Neighborhood and I ask given the 3rd to 100th degree. Can you believe I was digging this Black Brother, found him a Great Salary Career and he played me all along for a White Man 19 years older than him? This Black Brother is only 09 years (he’s 30 y.o.)younger than me and is living with a white man, met him on line, lives with him and his name isn’t even on the White Man deed to the White Man’s house. The problem with me was: The Brother never mentioned his boyfriend was White, was disrespectful towards me for no apparent reason and kissed me numerous times and never referred to his boyfriend as being a White Man.

    My Black Gay Sisters and Brothers as ya’ll all know, the Brothers and Sisters that go “white” always return back to We Gay Blacks to their roots after the White Person is through with them. Then they are looking stupid because ya’ll know the N-word is going to eventually slip. Besides, white people never introduce you to all their friends and family, however; we as a whole always seem to embrace people. When I love a Black Man, I love A King with Rich Royal Blood regardless of how the blood was “tried to be tainted” through the years. And when I see Black Sisters Love that makes me proud, too. If you are a person of color and you know and experience the struggle this applies to you, too (brown/black).

    I will conclude that I am a fair complexion male (not like that matters), I am proud to be Black and Gay, I salute my Gay Black Sisters and Brothers who are aware of their Blackness and the struggle of Being Black, Black & Gay and Black, Gay and in America and still today we have to continue to have our own PRIDE CELEBRATION, now ain’t that a Bitch and you they want to say, “Gay is the new Black.” The Nerve!!!! Our Forefathers built this country on free slave labor for their forefathers benefits and theirs, too. We have always been short changed, therefore; my Sisters and Brothers hold your heads high from the Royal Blood that we come from

    This Blog is for those you can relate and participate and yes, the truth hurts.

  • TanyaM

    You are utterly pathetic Jasmyne, and the MadProfessah obviously got under your skin and hit a nerve. He is everything you are not: smart, reasonable, level-headed and collegial. You are a circus clown at best. And utterly pitiable. I actually pity you and feel sorry for you, but find you intriguing in an Amy Winehouse trainwreck kind of way. You go on girl!

  • S

    I have never agreed 100% with anything Jasmyne has said; I’ve rarely disagreed 100% either. But I appreciate that she says it and that she makes people (especially fellow Black SGLs) think. The quickest way to combat the naivete M refers to is to get our people out there thinking — and making effective moves to get OUR needs addressed. The quickest way to failure is to attack each other, whether or not they live in what you consider to be “the Black community.” (In quotes because “the Black community” never was, will not be, nor should it ever be monolithic. I agree with you J on that.)

    I feel where you’re coming from M with the “crabs-in-a-bucket” analogy. It’s true. We hurt ourselves more than white people can. No one seems to disagree on that point; it’s just that you and Jasmyne are both speaking about different ways in which we do.
    The professor (I won’t use the loaded epithet “sad”) may well be a front for white gays. If he is, that wouldn’t mean that it is bad for us. He has his reasons, whatever they are, for being in a “liaison” position between white gays and Black SGLs. None of it makes him any less Black or necessarily means that he isn’t part of a Black community. It may mean that he needs to be put in touch with issues affecting all Black communities.

    This is where I agree with Jasmyne. He may not understand issues facing Black SGLs in Compton, but I disagree with her that he can be made to understand. Jasmyne has a phenomenal gift with words and with captivating an audience. Many of the commentators do as well. I won’t believe that she (or you) are incapable of persuasion, especially when armed with the truth.
    We are a powerful people with a mass of untapped resources. Get in and use them. Make the professor understand, truly understand. Make white gays understand. Make Black churches understand. Make each other understand.

    To that extent I also agree with M and probably would agree with the professor with respect to issues they may present to Jasmyne. It seems as though M has a better perspective on issues facing Black SGLs in corporate America. (Trust me, it is a different world and in order to survive we have to build community and lift each other up.) Maybe the professor does with respect to Black SGLs who live in a white gay world. Devaluing one for the other only hurts us. Believe me, many (possibly most, but not all) white gays could care less if it does.

    Finally, loading someone with the name “Sad Professor” or many of the other very incorrect things I’ve heard and read that Jasmyne has been called (on her own site no less) is destructive and does nothing to make the other person “get it.”

    Jasmyne, thanks for the opportunity to comment.