…in other news, unemployment in California is still at an all time high, the Los Angeles City Council agreed to raise Department of Water and Power rates for its residents, and the number of people living at or below the poverty level in Los Angeles continues to rise.

Meanwhile, today (mainly) white gay activists will protest President Barack Obama who is in town supporting California U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer’s re-election bid in Exposition Park at 3:30 p.m. demanding that he immediately put repeal language in his Defense Authorization Bill and publicly state that Don’t Ask Don’t Tell will be repealed this year.

This protest comes on the heels of last week announcement that a measure to repeal Prop 8 failed to qualify for the November ballot after failing to get 694,000 valid signatures by Monday.

So when you hear or read about this in the news, please be clear on exactly which “gay” activists were protesting the President.  That’s all I’m asking.