A White Gay’s Guide on How to Deal with the Black Community for Dummies: Chapter 18: Leave the people of Uganda alone

In case you aren’t up to speed on what’s going on in Uganda, Idi Amin is dead and has been since 2003–Forest Whitaker just looks a lot like him. Oh and Uganda has an issue with homosexuality.

Still, with all of the problems that the people in Uganda have—finding enough food to eat, access to clean water, and AIDS—the last thing they need is someone coming into their country solely to further humiliate them in the name of gay rights.

British DJ Scott Mills has gone public with how he was ‘battered with chicken by an African witch doctor trying to “cure” him of being gay.’ Mills is in Uganda for a film about the country’s attitudes towards gays.

I honestly don’t know where to start.

To begin with, I’d have done much worse to him and I am both black and gay.  Not because he’s gay but because there’s something about a white person from the same country that originally colonized Uganda in the first place then going back to Uganda to further exploit Ugandans that just doesn’t sit right with me.  I mean haven’t they done enough damage to the Ugandan people?  I’m just saying.

According to The Sun, stripped to the waist, Mills was also spit on and the ritual ended with water being poured over a flaming torch and on to his head.

Mills has been in Uganda filming for BBC3’s, The World’s Worst Place To Be Gay? In media reports, Mills has talked about how he feared for his life after Ugandan cops targeted him after he revealed his sexuality to a MP trying to push through anti-gay laws.

“They have these witch doctors who claim they can cure people. I went to see one and I knew they were just fleecing people for money.

“He’d say weird things like, ‘You’re very sick, so you need to go and buy a cow then we’ll transport your spirit into the cow’.

“But I said, ‘You’ll end up with a gay cow’.”

It was then that the witch doctor performed the chicken ritual to “cure” Scott.

The DJ added: “To say it was bizarre is an understatement.”

Now here’s some real talk.

The rituals and beliefs of African people are not bizarre, nor are they for Mills to understand–if God meant for Mills to understand African people–he’d have been born Black.  But because MMills never went to Africa with any respect for Black people–this is the net result.

And even though the beliefs of the people of Uganda may not sit right with me here in America, that doesn’t give me the right to go over there and try to change things or make an example of them for the entertainment of the folks back here at home.

If Mills and his cohorts really cared about life for gay Ugandans, which are for the most part Black—they’d be working to empower the gays there to push for changes.  If there is ever going to be a change in attitudes about gays in Uganda it’s not going to be at the bequest of a white man from England and you can quote me on that one.

No this is about exploiting a group of people for entertainment purposes.  Plain and simple.

Now if Mills’ antics make life that much harder for the black gays in Uganda, that’s of no concern.  Neither are the starving and malnourished people he’s passing along the way.

This is the kind of stupid shit that has Black people—including me– looking at white gays like Mills like WTF and once again does nothing to further relations between Black people—African or African-American.  And that’s real.

What part of the game says that the same people who helped to put Ugandans in their current situation should then be allowed to come into their country and further exploit them for the sole purpose of entertainment?

What Mills’ is doing is no different from the jackasses behind L.A. Gang Tours—taking white tourists through the hood under the guise of creating jobs and providing opportunities for the residents of South Central.

Mills should be thankful all he’s dealing with are chickens, cows, and and little spit.  Come around my hood trying to pull some shit like that will get your ass shot.

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  • Frank

    Leave the people of Uganda alone? You are one diseased fucking cunt.

  • Jboogie

    yo mama @Frank

  • Donny D.

    That’s been the one thing that’s really bothered me about gay sites that don’t normally talk much about black issues making a big deal of the anti-gay stuff going on in Uganda: that country has much worse problems than the stuff currently being pushed by professional homophobes there. I am NOT saying that the virulent homophobia that’s being pushed is completely unrelated to the poverty and starvation, but that focusing on the homophobia exclusively and ignoring the economic politics is just bizarre. So many more people are being harmed by poverty and starvation than by the anti-gay craziness currently being pushed there.

    However, there’s a more closely related issue that I think should be mentioned by anyone whenever the current homophobia is: the elimination of the free condom program that was greatly lowering HIV transmission in Uganda. It was killed with the powerful backing of many, most or all of the same U.S. bigots who have been supporting any version of the “kill the gays” bill there — including evangelical “moderate” Rick Warren. I suspect that the ending of that program has killed more people than the worst versions of the “kill the gays” bill ever could.

  • hihello

    I must say, while I was once a fan of yours for the way you have spoken up for the black LGBT community, I have now lost all respect for you. You have conveniently left out what it is that Uganda is proposing: nothing less than a GENOCIDE against queer people in Uganda, the death penalty for being gay. I swear, I wonder if during the genocide in Darfur you told white critics of the atrocities there to “leave the Sudanese people alone, Sudanese traditions are not yours to understand”. I understand that Uganda, Sudan, Rwanda, the Congo, etc. are dealing with a number of problems, but that could not possible excuse genocide. It truly saddens me that you seem to not have a shred of sympathy for what our queer brothers and sisters in Uganda who, in addition to dealing with the problems of HIV/AIDS, extreme poverty, access to clean water, that all Ugandans face, they will now potentially have to face a genocide. Instead on focusing on this, u focus on what some meaningless white British reporter has to say about Ugandan religious practices. This article is shameful, plain and simple.

  • TR

    I agree with HiHello. Why would you post something so short-sighted and ignorant?

  • Permo

    welcome to the dustbin of online history, Ms. Cannick. As a fellow Libran and lifelong contrarian, I must advise you that you have run out of material here and now you grasping at post-colonial nonsense that makes you a desperate attention-seeking wannabe Black Studies prof from the arcane period when Asante thought black gayness was a product of white colonial oppression. Or maybe melonin theory, huh? Just saying!

  • Appreciative

    It’s amazing to me that the value of your work, Jasmyne, is that it always seems to make the case, powerfully, for your opponents. The more you write about Uganda, the more I think that it IS our business, as Americans, to intercede on behalf of oppressed gays there. Thank you for that public service. Keep writing my sister!