So this past Saturday, Outfest Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Film Festival held its 6th Annual Fusion LGBT People of Color Film Festival’s Ignite the Fuse Conference.  I’m sorry to report  Agent No. 1 was a no show.  I wonder why–okay that’s a lie.  I don’t really care why, it was really just an observation, that’s all.

It was an interesting conversation to say the least. I’ll tell you this, I am now even more convinced that we are still  following behind the white gay community’s lead on Prop. 8 so much so that we can’t even speak for ourselves but would rather take talking points on how to talk to our own community from people outside our community.  Now what kind of sense that makes I just don’t know.

Kudos to Outfest for holding the discussion, but I’m really interested in the panel that features the Head Queens in Charge who fucked up the No on 8 campaign to begin with.  Let me know when that discussion is going down.  Not the panel where they send their colored deputies, no, the discussion where the Head Queens in Charge themselves come out of the closet where they’ve been hiding and answer the questions that colored girls like myself and others have on why they did what they did with the campaign.  Just a thought, that’s all.

Anyway, I am trying to post the video from the discussion.  I’ve broken it up into five parts all together.

Thanks Kirsten for helping a sista out with the video 🙂

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five