A White Gay’s Guide to Dealing with the Black Community: Chapter Seven: Prop 8 and the Fallacy of Single Issue Politics

So this past Saturday, Outfest Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Film Festival held its 6th Annual Fusion LGBT People of Color Film Festival’s Ignite the Fuse Conference.  I’m sorry to report  Agent No. 1 was a no show.  I wonder why–okay that’s a lie.  I don’t really care why, it was really just an observation, that’s all.

It was an interesting conversation to say the least. I’ll tell you this, I am now even more convinced that we are still  following behind the white gay community’s lead on Prop. 8 so much so that we can’t even speak for ourselves but would rather take talking points on how to talk to our own community from people outside our community.  Now what kind of sense that makes I just don’t know.

Kudos to Outfest for holding the discussion, but I’m really interested in the panel that features the Head Queens in Charge who fucked up the No on 8 campaign to begin with.  Let me know when that discussion is going down.  Not the panel where they send their colored deputies, no, the discussion where the Head Queens in Charge themselves come out of the closet where they’ve been hiding and answer the questions that colored girls like myself and others have on why they did what they did with the campaign.  Just a thought, that’s all.

Anyway, I am trying to post the video from the discussion.  I’ve broken it up into five parts all together.

Thanks Kirsten for helping a sista out with the video 🙂

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

The Court of Public Opinion

  • Fantastic job as always. Seriously, hurry up and get a book written/published.

  • black and homo

    ofcourse white gay mafia is now recruiting and sending out “colored deputies” to preach the benefit of gay marriage to blacks. It is sickening that they are willing to even acknowledge or discuss racism only if homophobia is discussed in black communities.

    White gays are so full of hatred towards non-whites even though the country is become more diverse and embracing non-whites. what is wrong with white gay folks..??? why are they so racist? I just dont get it.

  • Steve

    bravo to you Jas — you really got guts to expose ugly racism in the gay community. I am sure gay mafia is on the run now and trying their best to silence you and putting out “colored deputies” as you say…

  • Clea

    you do realize that all of your posts have only served to divide people further, right?

  • Steve

    I don’t agree that Jas is trying to “divide” people. After prop 8 got passed white gay community blamed blacks and latino for their own failures and basically white gays publicly showed their ugly racism which has always been there.. oops their dirty little secret got exposed.. so, talking about racism is dividing, yeah right..

    how can white gays “order” blacks or other communities of color to do what they think is good for everyone..? Have you not seen the images gay organizations and gay media puts out? why only white faces except some tokens of color that they hire in low level jobs to show their “diversity.” On their blogs white gays blame LGBT people of color for not doing enough to fight their marriage equality fights and they say nothing about their own white organizations for their incompetence.

    As Jas has described in another article white gays are now trying to set up groups disguised as colored to fight for marriage rights only. That is just awful and even more racist of white gays. I guess white gays cannot see that people of color can see through their use of tokens who are really ineffecitive. We know a token when we seen one. Actually, an honest conversation would go a long way rather then those dirty tactics. Are there not any sensible white gays left who can take the leadership on this..??

    And we have seen reports from all over the country on blogs how white gays treat and stereotype all communities of color — blacks, latinos, asians — and not just blacks. It happens everywhere, bars, streets, gay areas where they don’t want LGBT people of color. We know anecdotally how people of color are treated in mostly white gay organizations. Can you name a single national or regional gay group headed by a black or even another person of color for that matter? We know how white gays even if they don’t have experience get their jobs in these orgs despite their fancy press releases making a case how qualified all these whites are… just the same good old boy network….There have been published reports and surveys of non-white gay people detailing experiences of racism within the gay community.

    So, lets not try to put that beast back in the closet…it is out as white gays showed their true colors after prop 8. and what do white gays want..defeat this again by avoiding talking to people of color and then blame it again on us

    Jas, you go girl and get this book published and perhaps one day it would be a required reading for white gay leaders for their own good and for the greater good for the entire gay community. The white gay mafia may hate that a black woman could accomplish something but white gays would need to just become more tolerant of people of color.

  • Manny

    Scary. Myopic. Racist. Sad. Tedious. Paranoid. Negative. Offensive. Sexist. Arrogant.

  • Political Girl

    Great points made Jasmyne as usual!

  • Anthony in Nashville

    I thought the No On 8 “leadership” has already held public meetings where they took their Ls for how they ran the campaign.

  • Anthony in Nashville

    Ms. Cannick, you and your admirers always have entertaining comments, even if I don’t agree with them.

  • JohnBrown@gmail.com

    I feel blessed to have stumbled upon this discussion. Let’s reason. Here goes: Ask yourself, what kind of person are you physically attracted to? Answer: a guy, right? We need only look at what the media and the fashion industry tells us, to know what kind of guy we should be attracted to…young & white! Gays are a group who define themselves according to what kind of person they are attracted to and want to have sex with. At the very least, this is SHALLOW; but at worst, it’s DANGEROUS! Btw, White men raped Negroid slaves. White men had segregated clubs prior to the Civil Rights Act of 1963/64. Your guess is as good as mine as to whom amongst us is homosexual, straight or bisexual. The only way to know is if some one tells you. And (white) men lie all the time. You guys argue that people are born gay or straight, but has anyone paid any attention to how many people are turned gay everyday on porn sites? Straight men have gay sex. So it seems to me that young boys can be turned gay. I don’t want Gay white men adopting impressionable young minority BOYS. Don’t think that just b/c white people voted for a Kenyan named Obama, that smart blacks in this country with names like “Washington or Jackson etc.” have forgotten…after all you didn’t vote REAL African-American into office did you! The smart people, who read this, know that a vote for Obama was not a condemnation of America’s legacy of slavery; slavery is the big cover-up. White gay men, you are so slick…especially now that you have the white bisexuals on your side. I remember how much you loved Rudy Juliani—one of the racist politician of recent years. Marriage is between a man and a woman. What the hell is wrong with “Civil Unions,” you spoiled brats? There ARE differences in the sexes. That’s why women are not drafted; there are male teams and separate female teams. If men are allowed to marry, then women must be drafted, women must be on football teams, on hockey teams, in contact sports! This seems uncivilized, right? Well that’s why in a civilized society there are social norms, break those codes and we collectively lose our civility. Oh yeah, it’s funny how after you shallow queers infiltrated the “tasteful” Anglican church, you didn’t go after the less “elite” Christian denominations too. Jus sos ya know, that proves how SHALLOW the gay movement really is.

  • A Smart Gay Black Man

    I actually agree with John. Thanks for dropping that knowledge…