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A White Gay’s Guide on How to Deal with Black People for Dummies

Chapter 19

I have to admit that I get very irritated when I’m online and I come across a mainstream (and you know what that’s code for) gay website that’s publishing stories about what’s going on in Africa.  It makes me just want to pick up the phone and let the news editor have it.

While electricity, clean water, food, a cure for AIDS, medicine, and shelter are still in high demand in most countries in Africa, there seems to be no shortage of stories highlighting the cultural practices of the Africans floating around the Internet.  Which, when you really think about it is almost absurd considering the fact that many of people in question don’t have a pot to piss in—literally, much less a smartphone, Twitter and Facebook account, and ACCESS to said online profiles to post photos and blogs of their goings on.

But nevertheless and without fail there’s always some negative story of Africans trying to rebuke the gayness out of someone that make its way onto the information superhighway to the ire of many Black gays like me who are less offended by the story and more perturbed that white gay folks find it front page newsworthy.

So the question is what do white gay folks get from highlighting what some church in Ghana is doing to curb “the spread of homosexuality” in their part of the world?

Most of the people reading the story have never and won’t ever step foot onto the Motherland.  They could care less about the plight of Africans except for when there’s an opportunity to point out their homophobia and encourage a barrage of hate comments directed towards people who are minding their own business in what’s left of their country.

I’m not sure of the newsworthiness of repeatedly publishing stories that put Africans in a negative light for others to make fun of especially when these same websites and news outlets don’t publish stories about the continued genocide that’s taking place in Africa or the plight of the very Africans who literally shed blood, sweat, and tears so to satisfy American’s demand for our fancy cell phones and laptops—all of which has helped fuel waves of sexual violence.

Add to that, these same media outlets who rep gay America barely report on what’s going on in America with the Blacks living here—so why the fascination with Africans?

No, they don’t want to go there but I’m going to take it there.

Africa is not America and the last ship carrying slaves for the Promise Land left the dock decades ago.  Although it’s a documented fact that we’d like to spread our ideology worldwide, what “progressive” Americans find reprehensible here, believe it or not, in other parts of the world (not just Midwest and Down South USA) can usually be attributed to and sanctioned by some scripture in the Bible, Koran, or ancient tribal belief.  You see unlike here, where it concerns Africa, there’s not a damn thing we can do about some church or tribal doctor rebuking gayness out of people.  And even there was something we could do about it–I’m almost positive that before that subject could be addressed,there’s that other issue of unpleasantness America has yet to make amends for before it plays God regarding same gender loving people.

If there was some sort of balance regarding the portrayal of Africans on gay news sites then maybe there’d be a valid argument as to why these stories need to be highlighted—but there isn’t.  It’s usually the same story just a different country.

The truth is, it’s not enough to say that it’s important because it’s affecting gay people.  Not having water to drink, food to eat, and medicine to cure deadly diseases is also affecting waves of Africans who are gay and I don’t see that as breaking headline news.  I mean I have never seen that as news on a gay website. Not to mention if there was this overwhelming support and love of Africans, you’d think that Blacks here in America would know about it and given the current state of race relations between Black and white gays now, I’d say that’s not the case.

But still, if you follow any of the top mainstream gay news sites you’ll find that the majority of news coming out of Africa reported on is negative and that really needs to stop.  Africans are Black people and vice versa.  So while you may think you have as steady stream of comments dehumanizing and degrading Africans—what you’ve done is created another safe space to bash Black people online under the guise of news, increased page views, and advertising revenue.  All of which does nothing to help the subjects of the stories in question–my same gender loving African brothers and sisters.

The moral of this story is that Africans are Black people and vice versa.

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