About that UOF incident in Newton…

Photo courtesy of attorney Caree Harper.

Clinton Alford, 22, shows his injuries / Photo courtesy of attorney Caree Harper.

UPDATED 10/29/2014 8:30 p.m. with photos of the prisoner’s receipt and OR release agreement for Clinton Alford.


So here’s what I’m told really happened regarding that use of the force incident in Newton Division of the Los Angeles Police Department.

On Oct. 16, Newton officers from the Parolee Compliance Unit (PCU) were involved in a parolee compliance check of Clinton Alford, 22, in South Los Angeles near 55th Street and South Avalon Boulevard.

Alford was allegedly riding his bike on Avalon Blvd. when undercover detectives approached him and grabbed his bike.  He thought he was being jacked for his bike and so he ran.  It happens. Apparently the chase was on but Alford didn’t get very far because one officer jumped up and managed to put his knee on Mr. Alford’s chest area while another officer placed his knees across the his legs as he was being taken into custody.  At that point another officer came out of nowhere and kicked him in the head as if he was kicking a field goal for the score — for the score.

However, the officers failed to remember that you never know who is watching.

All of this happened in front of a halfway house where it is completely surrounded with digital cameras that are allegedly monitored by parole agents — meaning another law enforcement agency might have custody of that video.  Either way, there is a video and someone has it.

Allegedly all of the officers from that Parolee Compliance Unit have been sent home pending an internal investigation. Captain Prokop, who we have discussed before,  and the department have covered their asses on this one.

The only reason the LAPD is coming forth with some of the information now is because they have no choice.  That video is about to surface and then it’s going to be on like Donkey Kong.

I’ll keep you updated.

Photo courtesy of attorney Caree Harper.

Photo courtesy of attorney Caree Harper.

Courtesy of attorney Caree Harper.

Photo courtesy of attorney Caree Harper.

The Court of Public Opinion

  • Pio Pio

    Corvette Shooting of an unarmed suspect and a 5 Million Dollar payout by taxpayers…Newton Division
    In custody death of Omar Abrego while being arrested by two Gang Sergeants…Newton Division
    Shooting Death of Ezzel Ford….Newton Division
    Beating of restrained suspect…Newton Division.

    I wonder what the commonality is “Captain” Ed Prokop?
    So why do they call it Shooting Newton? Rootin,tootin,shootin, Newton?mmmmmm

  • SurfPuppy619

    “That video is about to surface and then*** it’s going to be on like Donkey Kong.*** ”
    LOL…Jasmyne, that is one of the best lines ever, and it is going into my little black book of quotes for future use….!

  • robert peel

    the media fell in love with the lapd when their east coast liberal came to town.hispanic officers are now the majority also and again media not quiet sure how to handle the fact that more people are being shot by more bullets .and the levels of force seem to be getting worse.it wasnt long ago that lapd had very experienced sergeants on the streets of south la to at least keep the force to a minimum.

  • Stay thirsty my friends

    LAPD’s ghost from the past always haunts them, in the 80’s, rampart had the Easter massacre & they transferred out many of the problem supervisors & officers,,,, then a scandal happens, then in early 2000, something happens at newton division,,, then another scandal happens,,, Now we have ghost cars, ghost shooter, ghost stories about marital affairs on the department, ghost pictures, ghost cover ups, ghost crime reporting, ghost domestic violence incidents, ghost penalties and a chief who has a ghost conscience on being truthful… Totally a transparent department!!

  • Patron

    Why are the citizens of Newton Area not appalled that Edward Prokop is still the Captain? He obviously cannot lead this division of misfits! And why does IA cover-up command staff misbehavior, all the while walking around like they are the best…

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