Local Los Angeles activists have gotten together in the wake of the murder of Lawrence King who was murdered at school on February 12, 2008, reportedly for being gay. He was in the eighth grade.

The Jewish Journal and Energetix USA have collaborated to raise funds for youth tolerance programs and education.

Spokesperson Daryl Presgraves for the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN), a leading gay-rights student organization said, “If ever there were a sign that schools need to realize how far such harassment can go and why it’s important to address it now, it’s Lawrence King. It’s a prevalent and pervasive problem in all of our schools and for whatever reason, there’s still a lack of willingness to address the anti-LGBT bullying that goes on in schools…there’s still sort of this sense of having our heads buried in the sand. What happened to Lawrence King is a much more isolated incident, but what happened leading up to his death happens to youth every day, all the time. He was just expressing himself and we’re seeing more of this — youth are being open at an earlier age and they are proud of their identities, but that doesn’t mean someone won’t bully them for it. In this case, King was bullied to such an extreme … you can’t get worse than that.”

Energetix USA will donate 100% of the net proceeds from both the Healing Heart & Healing Heart pendant to The Lawrence King Memorial Fund and GLSEN.

They are encouraging those in the community outraged over the murder of King to join thousands in wearing a Healing Heart on the Day of Silence, April 25th to make sure that Larry is not forgotten.

Website: http://www.healingheart4larry.org/