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ONE WORD OF warning this spring season: The film “Pride,” which opened on March 23, seems to be getting a lot of play in gay media. Even Logo has a teaser for the film on its web site. The blurb admits that while “Pride” isn’t about anything even remotely gay, “It stars Terrence Howard, Bernie Mac and great-looking guys in trunks!”

The movie’s posters do seem to target gays with well-chiseled young men mugging and reveling in their shirtless Adonis states. But remember, the film is about a swim team, so the skin-baring isn’t gratuitous. Gay moviegoers might want to keep in mind that Howard is a Jehovah’s Witness who readily admits to thinking gay people are sinners — along with thieves and liars.

On March 12, online news source the Post Chronicle quoted Howard’s commentary about gay people in reference to a discussion on gay rappers.

Do I agree with homosexuality? No, I’m a Bible-based young man. But I know the Bible also speaks about homosexuality with liars, adulterers, thieves. I’ve lied, I’ve cheated on my wife, I’ve stolen. So how can I judge somebody for something that’s mentioned in the same exact scripture?

If gay people need a good eye-candy movie, perhaps they should stick with a film whose star doesn’t spout homophobic twaddle.

I found this to be very interesting.  First, I didn’t know Howard was a fellow Jehovah’s Witness.  I was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness and am getting ready to escort my grandma, per her request, to the Memorial on Monday night.  Very interesting. 

To be honest, I never associated the movie "Pride" with a gay theme.  From the posters and advertisements, it was clear to me that this was not a gay movie. And since when is Bernie Mac, "eye candy?" Lol.

As for Logo running teasers for the film hinting at "great looking guys in trunks," I think that was completely off the mark.  "Pride" is about a true story, a very powerful story of race and commitment that I don’t think should be made fun of and marketed to a primarily white gay audience as "great-looking guys in trunks!”

What if "Brokeback Mountain" would have been advertised on BET and TV One to primarily Black hetersexual audiences as a movie having nothing to do with Blacks but featured hot white boys in cowboy attire.  Yeah, that would have been misleading to say the least.

It’s clear that Howard has issues with gay people, but advertising the film on a gay channel as having "great-looking guys in trunks,” didn’t help either.