We’re not against the police. We’re not against the police department, but we are against police who commit misconduct (and those who help cover it up).


So actress Daniele Watts and her man will have to apologize to Los Angeles Police Department Sergeant Jim Parker after all.  This after the not-so-dynamic duo  accused Parker of mistreating the actress because she was Black after they got caught getting it on in their car.

Apparently the pair pleaded no contest today to disturbing the peace and were ordered to write an apology letter.  The charges of lewd conduct were tossed as a part of the deal.

All of this stems from the Sept. 11 incident where the LAPD responded to a call about a couple having sex in a car in Studio City  during which Ms. Watts really showed her ass and then cried racism.

Thankfully Sgt. Parker was recording the audio of his most unfortunate encounter with Watts and was able to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that there was no racism involved and that he possesses more patience than most of us.

I asked Sgt. Parker what he thought about today’s decision.

“While it pleases me and my fellow officers to finally have an end to the criminal aspect of this case we would like to express our thanks to Miss Watts and Mister Lucas for their apologies,” said Parker.  “It took strength of character for them to agree to document an official apology. I obviously feel vindicated by this outcome and only wish that Chief Beck could find the same strength and order his staff to drop charges against me for going public. Sometimes, the ends do justify the means!”

On a side note, Sgt. Parker is still off work because of all this.  It seems Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck is hellbent on making him pay — but for what I don’t know.

For once, when a claim of misconduct involving racism was made against the department–it actually wasn’t true.  Chief Beck should be celebrating don’t you think?

And yes, Parker probably broke with department protocol in releasing the audio to TMZ. But some might say so did Beck when he claimed to have called Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey personally to have charges pressed against Officer Richard Garcia in the Clinton Alford beating after he viewed the tape–prior to the investigation being completed.  I’m just saying.

I agree with Parker, sometimes the ends do justify the means and this is one of those times.

Chief Beck owes Parker an apology and Parker deserves to get back to work.