It is not the responsibility of Black people the day after a tragic incident like the shooting in Dallas–which has so far claimed the lives of five — to calm the fears of the police or white people.  However, on days like today , sadly we are almost expected and obligated to disavow it and on cue.

Today millions of Black people lucky enough to be employed will go into their workplace knowing that they have to quickly make it known that they are not “one of those Blacks”–lest they be accused of being supportive or sympathetic to the shooter.  

But consider this.

When the KKK holds a rally, I don’t turn on the news to see white people distancing themselves from the KKK and their beliefs.

When there’s an officer-involved-shooting and a Black person is shot dead, it is not common practice for police chiefs around the country to hold simultaneous press conferences to separate their department and officers from the latest controversial shooting.

I didn’t catch any Latino civil rights groups on the news today in Los Angeles reassuring Blacks that the firebombing of African-American’s homes in East L.A. has nothing to do with how the whole of Latinos feel about Blacks.

Just like all Muslims are not card carrying members of ISIS and should not be made to have to apologize for every single act of terrorism committed in the name of their religion–Blacks are under no obligation to speak for all Blacks and renounce the acts of a single person just because that person happened to be Black.

While Black people may be angry and frustrated at the seemingly increasing numbers of Blacks killed by the police in America, most of us aren’t okay with the random shooting of white people as a form of revenge–and America knows that.

The fact of the matter is, I don’t want to deal with anyone today or any other day that isn’t smart enough to know already how I feel about the taking of anyone’s life prematurely and just assumes that because I am Black I hate the police or white people.

I am not going to spend my day reassuring every white person that I see that I am not “one of those Black people.”  And by “those Black people” I mean someone who wants to see white people or police officers  shot dead for simply being white.

Others will engage in that foolishness and have already started to do so as the news media is actively engaged in finding  as many Black faces and voices to put on television quick , fast and in a hurry to  help ease the  fears of their white viewers.

As for the police, I don’t put anyone’s life above another’s.  The lives of police officers are no more or less important than the  lives of those killed by the police.  To me all lives are precious so I mourn the lives lost in Louisiana, Minnesota and Dallas.

And even with that said, I am sure this will be misunderstood by folks with small minds who can’t understand the double standard in the news media that I am pointing–just what I haven’t said.

The reality is, just like most police officers aren’t driving around on the hunt for the next Black person to kill, most Black people aren’t okay with the killing of anyone–not us or police officers.  


You can be Black and think that Black lives Matter and not be a part of Black Lives Matter.

And for the record, this Black woman is not a member of Black Lives Matter nor is she anti-police or anti-white. She’s anti-ignorance.

Meditate on that.