Source:, by Christie Keith, February 28, 2007

Depending on who you ask, Logo’s Noah’s Arc has either sunk to the bottom of the ocean or is about to sail into a movie theater near you. The groundbreaking drama about four black gay men was Logo’s flagship series when it launched in 2005, and last month they announced plans to turn Noah’s Arc into a feature film for theatrical release.

In statement to the media, Logo president Brian Graden said: "Noah’s Arc has one of the most intensely loyal fan bases in television and we’re thrilled to harness the power of film to let [series creator] Patrik-Ian Polk continue the story he has so skillfully woven. Noah’s Arc has so many dimensions and possibilities, so advancing to the feature film format is an exciting way to motivate our loyal fans and engage an even wider audience."

Which sounds like good news for fans, except for one catch: The series is not on the Logo schedule for a third season, and to a lot of people, that means it’s been canceled. Has it?

No, said Logo publicist Steven Fisher. "We’re making the movie; that’s the next place we’re going to tell the story," he told, which is owned by Logo. "We’re continuing the story in the movies, and then I think after the movie, we see. We leave the options open. We may do a third season; we may do more movies; we may do specials; so we’ll see."

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