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Alice Smith | For Lovers, Dreamers & Me | BBE

I was first hipped to Alice Smith from my friend Vickie and I’m liking what I’m hearing.

Out on the Barely Breaking Even label, Alice Smith is a bold and fresh new addition to the scene.  Not easily categorized, her voice is strong and commanding like Leela James but the versatility of the songs that belts out track after track could be compared to the likes of Joi and Hope.  And while I am still trying to put my finger on who she reminds me of, I’ve come to the conclusion that’s she’s a beautiful blend of several of my favorite artists includinge: India.Arie, Joi, Skye Edwards, Portishead, and Leela James.

The songs are well written and capture the ups and downs of life and relationships.

My favorite tracks includes the sultry reggae roots beat driven “Do I.”  Dream” is a light and easy and that demonstrates Smith’s capacity to go from one style to another with each track.  Other favorites include “New Religion” where the range of her voice is intricately detailed as she belts out note after note.

‘For Lovers, Dreamers & Me,’ out now, is an eclectic mix of pop, rock and soul that won’t be easily categorized in music stores.

I have no doubt that with her current tour, she’ll be making headlines shortly.  Don’t sleep on Alice Smith.  Go get the album today!

Favorite tracks include: Do I, Dream, New Religion, Fake is the New Real

Rating: Excellent, A Must Have

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