All Michael Richardson Wants for Christmas…

…His daughter is dead and there’s no bringing back Mitrice Richardson.  But her father hasn’t given up hope this holiday season that Santa received his letter asking for Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca to pick up the phone and call in the FBI in to assist in the investigation of his daughters death.  Michael says that’s really all he wants this year for Christmas.  Can’t be mad with him about that.

Maybe we can help Michael and Santa out…

Leroy D. Baca, Sheriff
Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department
4700 Ramona Blvd.
Monterey Park, CA 91754
(323) 526-5000

The Court of Public Opinion

  • Lisa

    Mitrice’s mother was michael’s Santa clause because she got it done!

  • Daz Dilli

    No! No! No!

    In most cases this new development would be a cause for relief – but I am not relieved.

    I am distressed.

    Because Sheriff Baca has not stated that the game has ended.

    Then I must assume that the game is still in full play.

    And the Sheriff and his cohorts have played this game many times and have developed an unparralleled mastery of this game.

    The Sheriff loves playing the game. He craves the game. He is playing the game in his sleep.

    Whereas the family and friends and supporters of Mitrice Richardson are just good ‘ol hard working, straight talking, Golden Rule believing kind a folks.

    They are exhausted and weary of the game.
    They are overdue for a break and ready to rest up a little and get their lives halfway back to normal.

    They had no idea that for the end of 2009, all of 2010, and continuing into today 2011 that they would be here in Los Angeles fighting Birmingham and Selma all over again.

    If Sheriff Baca is doing high-fives and giving hugs all around to celebrate Mitrice going to the next level to the F.B.I. – then I will bet you a three dollar bill we are getting 40 acres and a Mueller.

    Mitrice Richardson team – don’t start pulling off your cleats and your shin guards!

    Splash ice water in your face!

    Take two hits from the oxygen tank!

    And get back on the field!

    Everybody! Now!

  • Daz Dilli

    I do not trust that Mitrice all on her own will be able to get her fair shake at Quantico.

    After watching AG Holder team up with Sheriff Baca for a coordinated political pander against Proposition 19 last year, I believe that Mitrice will only be able to receive an amount of justice from the Department of Justice which Baca has pre-approved for Holder to give out.

    What can we do then.

    Fight it! Fight it now!

    Or not at all.

  • Daz Dilli

    Get a hard copy list of everybody at F.B.I. and D.O.J. that has been assigned to work on any part of this case.

    Every single name from that list must be taken off this case.

    Then make a master list of everyone available who has the position or specialty to fill each of the vacated positions.

    Then allow Lattice Sutton to review the background/resume of each of those people and disqualify anybody she has flagged.

    Then hand the list over to Michael Richardson to cross off anyone not sitting right in his mind.

    Take the list of names remaining and write each one on a ping-pong ball.

    Pour the balls into a lotto machine,
    turn on the blower,
    and drop’em,
    one by one,
    until each position is filled.

    Only then will I begin to feel a little better that Mitrice may
    receive her due from this man F.B.I. lab and
    this man D.O.J.

    In all honesty –
    I would prefer that Mitrice leave Quantico now and for good.
    Doesn’t the F.B.I. have another full service lab?
    If they do – I would rather see her go there.

    But there is another place that I really wish she could have a chance to go.

    The best present that I could wish for is to get an appointment for Mitrice with the top lab people at the United Nations or at The World Court in the Hague.

    If we could do that, then the F.B.I. and the D.O.J. can each send someone as an observer.

    That would probably mean Mitrice and observers will need to book a trip to Europe.

    Some people might worry about who and how will that cost get paid.

    L.A. city and county can pay.

    It won’t cost them an extra dime.

    It can come from the money they got back from what they paid on the time sheets and expense receipts turned in by the L.A.S.D. people and L.A.P.D. people for the vacation they sent themselves on to Las Vegas last July.


    Did I hear someone say that hasn’t all been paid back already?

    You Have Got To Be KIDDING ME!!!