Part of the problem with BET’s new show We Got to Do Better (A Hot Ghetto Mess) is the fact that it’s based on reality.  Plainly stated, it’s too real for some of us who would rather not have the images of real Black people making jackasses of themselves and our race broadcast around the world.  We can’t handle it.  So why not just stick to satire?  I mean, we’ve been doing it for years and there’s a whole lot less controversy involved in it. 

Take HBO’s The Message.  Satirical in nature, the show’s message may not be reality television but it is definitely based on some realness if you know what I mean.  In fact, if you ask me, without having seen We Got to Do Better, I’d be will to bet that HBO’s The Message does a better job of conveying that very same message all while using actors vs. real people.

Check out a few of my favorites clips:

The Death of Black Love (138,000 B.C. – 2007)

Kim Kardashian and Ray J were only the tip of the iceberg. Look below to find out why an all-black couple in today’s culture is an increasingly rare find.

Hogwarts vs Public Schools (Pt 1)

In the wake of the Supreme Court’s controversial ruling on public schools, the president is once again calling for a national school voucher program.

But what about the students who remain in the public school system? The Message brings you one family’s harrowing experience.

Race Flag

It’s the latest craze. The Race Flag – a penalty flag thrown anytime someone inappropriately plays the race card.

Let the games begin.