An Example of What Being White in Malibu Entitles You To…

On today’s news wire…

Actor Mel Gibson was involved in a single-vehicle crash while driving a 2008 Maserati in Malibu, but he was neither cited nor arrested, and DUI is not suspected, the CHP reported today.

The accident occurred about 8:35 p.m. Sunday on Malibu Canyon Road,south of the tunnel, the California Highway Patrol reported. No injuries were reported.

“For unknown reasons, Mr. Gibson steered his car to the right and struck the rock hillside,” the CHP reported in a statement. “He stopped his car at the scene, and was contacted by officers from the West Valley CHP Area office.

“Mr. Gibson supplied all the pertinent information to the officers at the scene, gave a statement, and received a ride home from a friend,” the CHP reported. “His vehicle was towed from the scene, DUI is not suspected in the accident.”

The Court of Public Opinion

  • CW

    I think the best saying for this is “When you white your right” and this has been shoved in our faces since the turn of time and it continues as the community grieves for Mitrice’s family. We must stand up and fight for our children and this is what we are doing! White man not get arrested for something as serious as this does not shock me at all but oh my gosh had it been a person of color it would have been he needs to be arrested for driving drunk he could have hurt someone. If our community cannot see the injustice and stand up and start demanding the the law be practiced fairly across the board on everyone we will continue to have injustice shoved in our face.”The revolution will be televised!”

  • ao

    That’s called DWW (driving while white). It’s hard to get yourself arrested, even if your a known offender and a suspected psycho!

  • grand queen heffah

    And they said equal was reached when Obama got into office. Totally unreal

  • grand queen heffah

    does Mel gibson’s face have to be so big? he looks like one of those gremlins in the movie.

  • Nicki

    As a biracial woman who grew up in a biracial home, I can attest to this! There were times when my daddy would get pulled over and immediately ticketed for stupid things, but my mother would do the same things and not get a ticket. Just because the different skin color… racial profiling is still alive and well, it’s a damn shame.

  • Toni Jr.

    DWW is the least of it. I am most disturbed how celebs get away with anything – this goes for sports figures as well as actors and such. Love how Dr. Laura is now bellyaching about her First Amendment rights being violated… um… how? She gets to say whatever she wants. It’s not a violation of First Amendment rights just because others exercise THEIR rights to object to what you’re saying. It’s a miracle Mel Gibson kept his mouth shut in this most recent instance. Hey, can anyone explain why Whoopi stuck up for him in that other recent horribleness?