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For the record, I feel that the European standard of what is considered beautiful has brainwashed a lot of our sistas to the point of no return. Whether it’s the plastic surgery, ridiculous hair weaves and wigs flowing down our backs, or our love affair with blond hair.

With that said, I have to admit that I was bit taken a back when I saw the latest Jenny Craig commercial featuring their spokes model Queen Latifah with what appeared to be…blond hair, long, straight, blond hair.

I emphasize the long, straight, blonde hair because I don’t seem to be as offended by Black women rocking locs that are blond or blond naturals, although, I still don’t think blond is a color that we need to ever rock, even if we can pull it off.

But it’s those mega straight and wavy weaves and wigs that are blond that causes me to just shake my head.

Starting with Wendy “I Love My Wigs” Williams to Lil “Plastic” Kim, the image of Black women in the media with long blonde hair is as disturbing to me as the image of Black men in those stereotypical thug roles.

And yes—I know this is a sensitive subject for us sistas. It always has been. But that doesn’t mean it’s entirely off limits.

I mean on one hand you have white women rocking cornrows, locs and braids and then you got us rocking blonde weaves and wigs.

There’s a difference between getting your hair pressed and flat ironed and buying 24 inches of something that either once belonged to a horse or some poor woman in a third world country. And I don’t buy the excuse that it’s easier to manage your hair when its straight. Where then does the blond come into play? And if that was really the case, you’d just relax or press your hair and skip the extensions and blond coloring.

And this isn’t a rant against coloring our hair. Hello? I’ve been rocking my red for a couple of years now.

It just seems that the more fame and money some of our sistas gain, or weight they lose, the lighter their skin and hair, or maybe it’s the other around. Either way, it’s troubling to say the least and just opens the door for further confusion amongst future generations of young Black girls.


EXHIBIT E – Gone Platinum™ Barbie® AA

Make way for Gone Platinum™ Barbie®, the latest diva to hit the stage and strut her stuff! Wearing a fabulous rippled platinum lamé dress with an extended train, Barbie® exudes sophisticated cool. Plunging neckline, a sheer, glittery mid-section, and criss-cross ribboning make this dress spectacular. Additional accessories include hoop earrings with beaded fringe, an extravagant feathery boa, and white glittery sheer gloves. And the hair – long, wavy platinum-blond hair that cascades down Barbie® doll’s back. She’s a definite diva!

EXHIBIT F – Spike Lee’s School Daze

EXHIBIT G – “A Girl Like Me” Kiri Davis