Yeah, it’s true. Radio One, considered to be the most powerful Black owned media conglomerate, has sold V100 (formerly known as The Beat) to Bonneville International, a Salt Lake City, Utah broadcast company wholly owned by The Church of Latter-Day Saints (the LDS Church) for $137.5 million.

The new owners are closing up shop. V100 will be no more as of April 11th and all of the employees have already been told.


According to the Los Angeles Sentinel, Radio One had originally purchased the station from Clear Channel Communications in 1999 for a then reported record price exceeding $400 million, but as the economy has continued in dramatic decline it has affected not just the housing market but business as well. During the first four years under the Radio One umbrella the station enjoyed modest success as it battled with KPWR for the R&B/hip-hop crown.

The station rode on the heels of its heavily promoted and high profile morning star Steve Harvey, but ultimately never managed to win the ratings war against Big Boy and KPWR.

After a feud with Harvey ensued over the station’s hip hop content and his refusal to play questionable songs during his show, he left unceremoniously and was replaced by former NBA basketball star John Salley. Salley’s stint didn’t last too long.

By May 2006, KKBT officially decided to change its format from Mainstream Urban outlet to a hybrid Urban Adult Contemporary format that would focused on the 25-49 age category.

V100 then changed it’s call letters to KRBV and hired local Los Angeles radio legend Cliff Winston, who was at KJLH.

The reason for sale is said to have been decreasing African American demographics.

Besides being shot to death for being Black, Blacks are also leaving Los Angeles.

It’s being reported that the new format of the station will not be urban or targeted to the African American populace according to Craig Haslam, Director of Communications for Bonneville International.

“We don’t even know yet what the format will be,” Haslam told the Sentinel this week.

“There are three or four that we are thinking about but we will hold those close to the vest for right now.”

So that leaves African-Americans to choose from KJLH 102.3 FM, KDAY 93.5 FM, and Hot 92. I don’t count Power 106, for obvious reasons. They may play hip hop, but that station is definitely not geared towards Blacks.

And while we’re on the subject of African-American targeted radio, L.A. still doesn’t have access to National Public Radio’s ‘News and Notes,’ one of the few national news shows with a focus on African-Americans. We get plenty of music in L.A. but few shows that educate us (thank God for KJLH’s L.A. Speaks Out and The Front Page!). More on that subject later…

Oh and I’m sorry to say, there goes The Michael Baisden Show, unless another station can manage to air his show here in L.A.

I am O.G. listener to The Beat, fuck V100. That switch was wack to begin with. How you gonna change the call letters to a station that’s been around for years like that knowing good and damn well, we’re still driving around with bumper stickers that say “92.3 The Beat?”

So here’s to John London and the House Party, Theo, Eric Cubiche, Nautica De La Cruz, Dr. Dre and the World Class Wreckin’ Crew, Westside Radio, and Street Science. I grew up listening to KDAY and The Beat. At least KDAY’s still around…for now.