Let me start off by saying that I love and Respect Aretha Franklin and it’s because of that love and respect that I saying this.

Earlier this week this week one my favorite crack addicts received five Grammy’s from a Chain of Fools and I didn’t say anything about it other than I love her music.  Like with R. Kelly fans, I ignored the obvious and settled for my love of the music.  Yes, I am guilty.  Save Me!

But tonight I draw the line.  I watched in horror as Aretha Franklin was escorted to the stage to collect her 2008 NAACP Vanguard Image Award.  And all I could say is Oh Me and Oh My.

Uhhh, paging Dr. Feelgood aka Dr. Ian Smith of the 50 Million Pound Challenge and Jenny Craig’s  newest spokesperson Queen Latifah.  We Need a Bridge Over Troubled Water.  Please get with your girl Aretha for a much needed intervention or there’s a very real possibility that the next time we see her she’ll be getting wheeled down the red carpet and onto the stage or worse yet, that she won’t be around much longer to accept these types of awards.

And before you bombard my inbox with emails, this has nothing to do with being skinny, it has to do with being healthy.  You better Think!  On one end, you have cracked out Amy Winehouse who doesn’t look like she weighs more than 90 pounds and then you have Aretha Franklin who looks likes she weights 900 pounds.  Ain’t No Way, either of the two situations is healthy in the least bit.  It’s about The Weight and I speak from experience.

Until then, I Say A Little Prayer that Aretha’s health will improve.  Until She Comes Back to UsThat’s What I’m Going to Do.