J_l_kingbrenda_stone_browder2006medwideAtlanta, GA and Springfield, OH Best-selling authors J.L. King and Brenda Stone Browder are working to combat the indifference toward HIV and AIDS within the African-American community.

In a national speaking tour called "A Conversation of Reconciliation," King and Browder reunite in a forum that promotes candid, open and honest conversation between African-American men and women about sex and love and the devastating impacts of deception and denial in relationships.

The tour is being presented in conjunction with Black churches, health organizations, women’s groups and other community organizations, and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Lillie Mae Foundation, a family based foundation that provides financial support for families impacted by HIV/AIDS.

"The vision that Brenda and I have is that our ‘Conversation of Reconciliation’ tour will enable us to use our experiences to bring the discussion of HIV and AIDS to the forefront in the African-American community. We want to make a meaningful difference in the lives of brothers and sisters across this country," King added.

The 90-minute presentation sheds light on their personal struggles as a couple with two children whose private battles with deceit and deception quickly became public. They detail the pain that resulted, their individual journeys toward healing, their fight to save their family and how their faith played in the middle of everything.

"I truly give all credit to God and to a tremendously supportive family for helping me make it through one of the most difficult times in my life," Browder said. "Our community can’t keep silent about the HIV/AIDS epidemic. It’s literally destroying our families and now more than ever we have to encourage dialogue, promote knowledge and understanding and support African-American women and men who are reaching out for help."