19ceef5nelly_furtado2_300x241jpgp_1While Oprah and Gail deny being lesbians, signer Nelly Furtado admits she’s bisexual.

Good for her!

“I’m reading a book about Chinese medicine, which claims that people are inherently bisexual to balance their energies. And, in a way, that makes so much sense,” Furtado told freelance writer Arjan Timmermans.

Well, maybe for her. As for me, I am 100 percent lesbian and proud.

She continued by saying that, “As humans we have both male and female energies. I believe in Kurt Cobain’s statement that, in the end, everyone is gay. Everybody should have the freedom to experiment. I believe sexual experimentation is part of human history.” Right on Nelly.

I knew there was a reason I liked her.

Asked if she is ever attracted to women, the “Promiscuous” singer replied: “Absolutely. Women are beautiful and sexy.”

Furtado acknowledged there is rampant homophobia in the hip-hop community.

“I think it’s changing. And there’s a lot of hip-hop out there that is very cool and not homophobic at all. “I grew up in British Columbia, where the hip-hop community was very fun-loving and open. I think the negative vibe comes from the thug mentality and masculinity in some hip-hop. But, now the world has become so much more one and gay culture is becoming more mainstream.”

Well, certain gay culture is becoming more mainstream, but not all.

At any rate, Nelly gets props for announcing that she’s bisexual and that’s what earned her a post on my site today.