It’s one thing to be unemployed while job hunting, it’s a completely different situation when add into the mix being unemployed, Black, and female. Let’s keep it real. Most of us can’t just jump in the shower, wash our hair, and go. Uh huh, that ain’t happening. Our hair requires it to be cared for and believe me.  it shows when we’re having a bad hair day. It shows to the receptionist st the front desk and the person interviewing you and about three hundred other people for that one open position.

Well I’ve got good news for my folks in Los Angeles. My hair salon, the Spice Salon, has offered to do the hair of unemployed women and men on the job-hunt for a huge discount to help make sure that our hair doesn’t add to our disadvantage of already being Black and unemployed.

You still need to bring your hair, for my sister’s sporting the weaves and braids, but—you won’t be paying full price for the service.

Just call my girls over at the Spice Salon at (323) 936-7830. Ask for Kehinde. By the way, for my sisters rocking twists and locs, my stylist is Althea. She’ll hook you up, but she’s under strict orders not to give away my hair color to anyone! Lol.

The Spice Salon
4855 West Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA
1 block east of La Brea Ave.
(323) 936-7830