We’re not against the police. We’re not against the police department, but we are against police who commit misconduct (and those who help cover it up).


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This doesn’t quite fit under the Los Angeles Police Department’s Game of Thrones file but it’s definitely a part of their infamous Vatican Shuffle.

It seems that a certain LAPD Captain might be falling even further from grace aka the 10th floor.

We’ve discussed this Captain’s indiscretions in the past.  He’s known around these parts as Captain Machiavellian but that may be changing to Lieutenant Machiavellian.

In previous Vatican Shuffles that took place over the last year or so, Captain Machiavellian went from a Captain III in Internal Affairs overseeing the Ethics Unit to a Captain II in the Office of Operations (OO)–where they send captains who are bad apples while they figure out what to do with them. From there he went to West Traffic as a Captain II then over to Hollenbeck as a Captain I and now I’m hearing he’s headed back in OO and perhaps about to be demoted to the rank of—wait for it—Lieutenant.

Department legend has it that Captain Machiavellian was involved in a well-known tawdry love affair with his adjutant who also just happened to be the wife of a cop. Needless to say, he’s not well liked by the rank-and-file officers of the Department.

I’m told that neither Captain Machiavellian nor his adjutant at the time seemed to have any shame in their game about what was going on as their affair was well-known throughout the Department much to the humiliation of the cop husband.

Think about it. The captain of the Ethics Unit engaging in an affair with a subordinate who is also the wife of an officer doesn’t look good from any angle. Not to mention the hell they both put the husband through who I’m told tried to bring it to the Department’s attention many, many times and was rebuffed.

Well Captain Machiavellian managed to emerge from that scandal only to get into another one.  Like I said, bad apple.

Earlier this year it was told to me that Captain Machiavellian is believed to have been cooking the books over at West Traffic.  He was relieved of command and sent back to OO while the Department tried to figure out what to do about him.  It’s alleged he told members of the CAD otherwise known as the Crime Analysis Detail not to report all of the traffic collisions at once but rather to spread them out over time. Apparently some folks didn’t agree with this and tried to report it but it fell on deaf ears so they took their complaint straight to the Inspector General Alex Bustamante.

Captain II Machiavellian ended up at Hollenbeck as Captain I Machiavellian.

My omnipresence has it that as of yesterday Captain Machiavellian is now back in OO. Apparently his office has been cleaned out and we’re told Lt. Helen Lopez is temporarily fulfilling his duties.  Rumor has it that Captain Machiavellian could be facing a Board of Rights Disciplinary hearing.  And we all know what Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck said about people he sends to Boards…

Now of course all of this could be for show to placate the union that represents the rank-and-file officers in the Department who are suing Chief Beck for his “corrupting influence” on the disciplinary process.  If that’s the case Beck should know he’s not fooling anyone. Captain Machiavellian is what we refer to as low hanging fruit.

Anyway, we’ll be looking out for further developments with Captain Machiavellian.  He’s of great interest to us.  We’ll also gladly take a photo of his empty office 😆


We’ve been told that Captain Machiavellian has been recommended for demotion to Lieutenant II with a five day suspension after 7 out of 8 allegations were sustained.  Chief Beck hasn’t given his approval—yet.  #teamwork