Rockstarcover Darryl Brown, revolutionary celebrity fashion stylist, presents a new national magazine that revolves around the subculture of the gay community – The Ballroom Scene.

One can describe the ballroom scene as a haute couture arena pulled straight (pardon the pun) out of a peppery Paris party scene, but that depiction doesn’t come close to doing it justice. The fashion mavens that strut their stuff are nothing short of breathtaking to behold, their gait, the fashions, the attitude, OH MY! Since the early 80’s, The Harlem Elks Lodge has served as the battleground for the ballroom community. Contestants came from all across New York merely to gain respect from their peers in the gay community; never thinking their names would rein for years or that the ballroom scene would grow around the country, not to mention crossing over into the mainstream population.  Artists and celebrities were also influenced by this underground phenomenon. But it wasn’t until 1990, when Madonna sang the queer anthem, “Vogue”, that entertainers and fashion designers, such as Thierry Mugler and others flocked to New York’s underground clubs to catch Willie Ninja and Jose Extravaganza battle from 12pm to the break of day.

The magazine, appropriately named, Ballroom ROCK STAR, is a monthly publication that targets minorities of the gay community between the ages of 21- 40 and will be instrumental in bringing the Ballroom scene to national stature. Ballroom ROCK STAR Magazine will make it’s anticipated unveiling at Andre & Jack Givenchy’s New York Awards Ball on April 23rd, 2005 and will feature who’s smoldering in the ballroom community and who’s destined to burn fiercely. Ballroom ROCK STAR will also feature the hottest in music, exquisite homes, the juiciest gossip, the must haves in beauty and fashion, the sexiest travel destinations, where to dine, health, the arts and culture and most importantly – where to PARTY!

Featured on the cover of the introductory issue is Whitney Miyake-Mugler. Interviewed by Josh Ebony, Zerric Miyake-Mugler and Ballroom ROCK STAR Magazine’s own publisher, Darryl Brown, Whitney reveals all in the cover story, “Sex, Love & Life”, an exclusive and in-depth tale. His quote, “Rumors can’t possibly be all rumors, some of it has to be true” has everyone dying to find out exactly what those rumors are.

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