Now I wasn’t going to write anything about Beyonce’s misstep during a Florida concert.  Why?  Cause it ain’t that serious for me.  We’re all human and make mistakes, and her falling isn’t the end of her career, it just showed that even Beyonce can mess up.

But while I was driving home this evening, it keep ringing in my head the reports of her plea for people not to put the video on the Internet.  When I heard that this morning, I thought, “yeah right B.”

But they say hindsight is 20-20.  After watching the various television reports on her fall, I think B Should have made that plea to the media who seems content with ignoring her request as they have repeatedly showed the video over and over and over again today.

I never saw the email online, although I am sure it’s there.  I didn’t get an email link to the video either.  But I did watch it on television quite a few times.