Without the Black media–our newspapers, bloggers, rado stations and shows, and television news reporters working behind the scenes—the story of Mitrice Richardson would never have reached the people and by people I mean the people.

In particular, Radio Free 102.3 KJLH was instrumental in keeping Mitrice Richardson at the forefront with hosts Dominique DiPrima and the Front Page family and Adai Lamar and the Free Talk family, Roland Bynum, and the entire KJLH Family.

KJLH exists in our community because of Stevie Wonder and the community that listens and support them.

Station management graciously donated the KJLH Street Team to last night’s community vigil (big ups Sonny and Roc!) making sure that every word spoken reverberated through Leimert Park.

They are truly the people’s station.

To the hard men and women who work everyday to bring KJLH to life and to the airwaves, I say thank you.

Please join me today in sending thanks to KJLH for being there for and keeping the Mitrice Richardson story alive.

Contacting KJLH

Phone: (310) 330-2200
Fax: (310) 330-5555
Leave a message on the Official KJLH Facebook Fanpage