There are some bitter bitches, and yes I said BITCHES out there roaming the streets mad at every Black person they see.

It probably was the huge “Obama Mama” custom made sticker on the back of my car, or maybe it was the huge smile I flashed at her as I casually noticed her “Hillary for President” sticker on her car…that she’s now unfortunately stuck with.

All I know is I’m not trying to go to jail, but don’t test me.

Why can’t Hillary’s supporters lose gracefully? Oh snap—Hillary couldn’t lose gracefully, so why would her supporters?

At any rate, the HOMELAND SECURITY LEVEL FOR THE SAFETY OF BLACK AMERICANS is level RED, SEVERE and it will stay that way for the next few weeks.

For those living in New York, the state of Harriet Christian and Hillary Clinton (geez they share initials!!!) you’re advised to leave the state until it’s deemed safe to return.

For my folks in Los Angeles, please check the map below for areas that are considered “safe zones” for Blacks.

Please remember to travel in a group and it’s a good idea to have some sort of recording device and camera on you at all times.

Friday, all Blacks should be on high alert. Watch your back. I repeat, watch your back. Emotions are going to be running high…on both sides.

If you don’t have to travel into areas where there are known to be large numbers of Hillary Clinton supporters it’s advised that you don’t.

Extreme grief is known to trigger uncontrollable racist outbursts.