David_lenihan006bwheadshotmedIn a stunning turn of events, the St. Louis chapter of the NAACP has accepted the apology of white shock jock David Lenihan’s slip of tongue in referring to Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice as a “coon” not once, but TWICE on air last week, proving once again that Blacks can be the forgetful and most forgiving…when they want to be.

“This is an event that the press has blown out of proportion,” said NAACP chapter president Harold Crumpton at the press conference, which also featured the organization’s newest members, Lenihan and his wife, Karen, according to a report in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

According to the Electronic Urban Report, “He doesn’t even say those words," Karen Lenihan said of her husband. "We’re just trying to find a way to make a positive out of this.”

As previously reported, Lenihan was discussing the possibility of Rice living out her dream of becoming the new NFL Commissioner. While discussing her qualifications, Lenihan said: “She’s African-American, which would kind of be a big coon. A big coon. Oh my God. I am totally, totally, totally, totally, totally sorry for that.”

NAACP member Sam Moore said some folks may be surprised that the civil rights organization is reaching out to help Lenihan.       

“We’re going to take some hits,” he said. "People are going to wonder why we are sticking up for my new-found friend here. But I am in the forgiving business.”


Last week David Lenihan appeared as a guest on a Los Angeles conservative radio station to talk about the incident.  It was noted during and after Lenihan’s interview that for someone that was fired for using racially insensitive language, he was the picture of coolness.  The next day, the same radio station reported that Lenihan had a history of scripting every word of his radio shows before hand, therefore throwing out the possibility of him using the word “coon” unintentionally.

I don’t know about you, but I think the St. Louis NAACP just opened the door for conservative white shock jocks all over the country to use racial epithets in describing Blacks and get away it.

If this isn’t some mutant version of the Stockholm Syndrome, then I don’t know what is.