Reporting from the field today. 

I decided that I’d join the rest of America in search of a good bargain on "Black Friday," you know the day after Thanksgiving where pre-dawn sales have been known to draw crowds sometimes resulting in knock down drag em’ out fights.

As I drove down Crenshaw Boulevard and
crossed King Street hordes of people were camped out in 50 degree
weather in front of Wal-mart at the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza.

I started saying a little prayer that I would find parking and not be too far behind in the line at the store I was headed too.  There was no way for me to gauge what the line was going to look like considering the hundreds camped out in front of Wal-mart.  After all, I headed out kind of late.  Most people were in line before dusk.

S6300089smallBut luck was on my side, I was the first one in line this morning at Eso Won Bookstore!  Eso Won is a popular Black owned bookstore in Leimert Park.  I figure if I am going to buy gifts, I am going to give the gift that keeps on giving, a book.  Not a video game, not a HD television, not an iPod, not a pair of Nike’s.  A book.

Meanwhile, I think I heard a radio report that Wal-mart and Best Buy are expected to have record sales today…