Four lesbians accused of attacking a man who made advances toward one of them were convicted Wednesday of varying assault charges stemming from the altercation, in which the man was seriously stabbed.

The fight started after Dwayne Buckle, of Queens, made advances at one of seven lesbians from Newark, N.J., who were walking past him outside the Independent Film Center in Greenwich Village on Aug. 18, 2006.

Patreese Johnson, accused of stabbing the victim, Dwayne Buckle, was the only defendant charged with second-degree attempted murder. She was acquitted of the charge. She was convicted of first-degree assault, which carries the same penalty as attempted murder, and faces up to 25 years in prison.

Johnson testified that they told Buckle, 29, they were not interested and he became loud and rude, called them names and threw a cigarette at them while saying sex with him would make them straight. She said he started pushing and shoving them.

Now see, I could have been jail more than a few times because men have done and continue to do that very same thing to me.  In fact, it’s funny because my friend remarked to me that she passed by my car and didn’t think it was mine because I took off my pride sticker.  I did.


I was tired of the unwanted attention from men trying to make sexual advances at me because they knew I was gay.

It happens all of the time and some of them are just rass and crude.

Last weekend while at the gas station, a guy pulled up behind me and got out and said what does that sticker mean with a smirk on his face.  I looked at him and said you know damn well what sticker means.  He started making faces at me and I turned around and got in my car and hit it.

I mentioned this week while sitting on a panel at Stanford University that women like me, women that aren’t “butch” or are “studs” and can “pass” are treated differently from our more masculine sistas. While men may treat gay men and butch women negatively, they love them some feminine lesbians.  It’s seen as sexy and a challenge.  And don’t think they’re not thinking threesome.  Hello, goodbye.

One of the students in the audience referred to it as “heterosexual privilege.”   Well, that’s one privilege that I could do without.  It’s one thing to make a pass at someone, but it’s a completely other thing to start grabbing your dick and talking out the side of your mouth about how I just need a good man, which 10 times out 10 isn’t you.

Ten years ago, Jasmyne would have been in a jail to just like these young girls had some guy done that to me.

The sad thing is, this is Black on Black crime, another form of oppression that we all too willingly participate in.  Both parties are guilty, not jut the girls.  Because in my experience as a Black lesbian living in the “hood” this happens more often than not.

Maybe next time this guy will think twice before making unwanted advances towards women who aren’t interested in him, lest he get his ass kicked again.