So I get really peeved when I am trying to book an interview, either for a Black newspaper or for KJLH’s Front Page and the guest says they are not doing interviews. I especially raise one eyebrow when I just heard said guest on KFI 640 AM (one of my fav stations) doing multiple interviews for their audience of white folks.

As is the case with Chief William Bratton, who I really like and am happy to see him back working here in Los Angeles because yes—I  kind of miss him as police chief (but I’m not knocking Chief Beck).

I wanted to book him for KJLH’s Front Page show to talk about Dodger security but was told by his people that he wasn’t doing any interviews and that I could come to Dodger stadium today. Nice (in my most sarcastic tone).

But that’s weird when I just heard him on KFI 640 (more stimulating talk radio) with Bill Handel, Bill Carroll, John and Ken, and I think Tim Conway Jr all last week.  So he’s talking, I guess not to Black people.

Correct me if I am wrong but Black people go to Dodgers games and I think we’re equally concerned about their security after Brian Stow’s beating.

Am I wrong or am I right?

Black journalists, producers, talent bookers, etc. really need to bring this issue to the forefront because what people don’t know is that behind the scenes we ask for interviews all of the time and get turned down because our audience, Black people, aren’t seen as relevant or important enough to some pr agencies and communications folks.

Drives me fricking crazy!

But let me try to book the an executives at Cash 4 Gold or the Lap Band and they can’t get into the studio fast enough.