Blacks Ask Black ‘Leaders’ to Stop Colluding with LA Police Chief

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This is so good that it deserved to be my first blog post of 2015.

Black Activists Challenge “Black Leaders” to Stand in Solidarity with the Black Community and Stop Collaborating and Meeting with LA Police Chief Until He Meets with Activists

As they should…

Black Lives Matter Los Angeles (BLMLA) is challenging African-American community leaders to show some solidarity with Black Angelenos by ceasing and desisting from meeting and collaborating with Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck until he agrees to and meets with their group regarding the Aug. 11 killing of Ezell Ford. Two organizers with BLMLA, Dr. Melina Abdullah Professor and Chair of Pan-African Studies at California State University, Los Angeles and journalist Sha Dixon were arrested Mon. morning while trying to hand deliver a letter requesting a meeting with Chief Beck to the front desk of LAPD headquarters.

In case you have been living under a rock for the past week, BLMLA wants to meet with Chief Beck regarding the immediate firing of Sharlton K. Wampler and Antonio Villegas, the officers involved in the shooting death of Ezell Ford in South Los Angeles.

Now having some understanding of the process of firing of police officers as it relates to the LAPD (Frank Lyga), while I don’t see the Chief being able to actually agree to fire Wampler and Sharlton and not find himself in hot water with his officers, he can agree to and meet with them to at least to hear them out.  That he can and should do. If you ask for community feedback, you can’t choose what feedback to accept and what feedback to just ignore.  He is after all the chief of police.

Before LAPD broke up the Occupy LAPD encampment on Mon. Jan 5, BLMLA and supporters had been positioned outside of LAPD headquarters for seven continuous days. The group has since resumed their position outside of LAPD headquarters.

I don’t see this ending anytime soon and if all it will take is a meeting with the activists for them to roll up camp and head home, then I would think that even the officers assigned to LAPD headquarters would be begging the chief to just sit down and meet with them.

As far as colluding and plotting with the police department as it relates to the protesters, those “leaders” and they know who they are, need a reality check.  See, unlike them, I don’t call myself the leader of any group or movement–but they do.  From day one these “leaders” have been out of step with reality and the community they claim to represent.  Some even going so far as to throw their community under he bus–and yes I am talking about the Christian Science Monitor article and that shooting on Hoover and Gage that involved to LAPD officers being shot it.  No, it wasn’t retaliation for police brutality, but these same “leaders” wasted no time in blaming their own people for taking revenge on cops.  In the end, the cops just got caught in the middle of some gang shoot out.

It will be interesting to see if these “leaders” listen to their community for once and stop trying to falsely represent them in the and to the media and with the chief of police. Honestly, they have about as much credibility and say so with Blacks as Chief Beck does at this point.


The Court of Public Opinion

  • Steve_Lamb

    One can not be a leader of an oppressed people and a snitch to the people oppressing them all at the same time. Right On, Jasmyne.

  • Duke Waingro

    Don’t hate Jasmyne just because your dream of riots fizzled.

    We don’t have those problems here because the community overall trusts the police and knows they are there to protect them.

    You and your friends do not dictate what the Chief does.

    ford tried to take an officers gun and unfortunately paid for it with his life.

    the police wee not the problem, Ford was.

    I noticed crickets on this site after your attempts to whip up some rioting failed.

  • Lol, yeah ok.

  • Citizen

    You might want to add that crook al sharpton to that list of sh*tty leaders of yours.

  • Duke Waingro

    I think your fifteen minutes are up Jasmyne.

    Your decisive efforts failed. LA is not buying it.

    Ford is a dead issue here. Guess you have to find another “cause.”

  • guest

    That’s as good argument as “you know what I’m talking about”.

  • gimme shelter

    The conditions conducive to rioting are not in place yet.
    First thing, it isn’t warm enough on most days and the nights have been downright chilly.
    Secondly, there is no videotape of the incident for the tv news to show over and over and over.
    There hasn’t been a sensational trial and acquittal followed by careless statements from the mayor.
    Finally, and most importantly, a riot zone needs to get selected, insurance policies need to get increased to maximum coverage, premiums paid up and in force for at least 6 months before date of loss due to arson event during riot.

  • Duke Waingro

    She’s a joke

    A handful of people with nothing to do camping out at police headquarters until the chief “fires” two officers who (at least according to the facts as we know them) defended themselves in a life and seath situation do not represent he community in LA. These officers will not get fired so hope those people are in it for the long haul. You don’t just get to fire officers when there is no indication they did anything wrong.

    Jasmyne is obviously disappointed the whole Ford thing just fizzled.

    She has no facts to make a case it was anything other than a legitimate use of force, so of course she will only respond to a well reasoned argument with a terse empty response. She will never engage in a substantive discussion about this case.

    This site is sliding into obscurity.

  • dela nova

    How messed up is this autopsy?
    That’s right, its messed up. When the hold was placed on the autopsy, the pressure was lifted off the medical examiner to have it signed and submitted.
    The police needed that time to pressure the examiner behind closed doors to get it they way they wanted it.
    Poukens signed the autopsy report 9/27/2014.

  • dela nova

    What does it take to get the autopsy messed up?

    Yeah, it is messed up.

    You need to ask Poukens what they put him through to write this:

    Gunshot #2 the exit wound is incorporated into right thoracotomy wound

    They cut out this man’s heart to weigh it.
    They weighed his brain.
    They sectioned his tongue.
    They made detailed measurements and observations unrelated to the cause of death for Ezell Ford.

    A gunshot through the back killed Ezell Ford.

    Every minute measurement of distance and direction and size on Gunshot #2 is critical to determine if the police are telling the truth or blowing smoke, if the officer walks away or goes to trial.

    What do we get?

    Gunshot #2 the
    exit wound
    is incorporated
    right thoracotomy wound.

    The doctors cut an incision several inches long to operate on Ezell Ford’s chest.
    According to the autopsy, Gunshot #2 exit wound and the doctor’s incision are the same thing.

    They are the same. The exit wound is the incision.

    The incision is the exit wound.
    That is messed up

  • SurfPuppy619

    The h8ters are OUT in force…. 🙂
    O’Jays and Back Stabbers, gotta love it.

  • guest

    What I find interesting is how casually you say that the cops just got caught in the middle of a gang shooting, like the gang shootings are supposed to happen in that area. Guess what, they aren’t supposed to happen in any area. What time will the march to stop them be at, or don’t those Black/Brown lives matter?

  • Guest

    Jasmyne and Black Lives Matter Leadership,

    I invite you to take LAPD up on a course like this BLM leader did. Or, go on a ride along in with cops in South Bureau (77th or Southeast) and then Valley Bureau (Foothill or Mission). Film it, uncut, and share it. It would be awesome!!

  • afine tail

    Study the Coroner’s Autopsy Report on Ezell Ford and what you find are the signs of severe LAPD influence.
    Or you can take the shortcut by simply listening to Chief Beck’s statements about the autopsy.
    Beck highlights the items he fought to see included the report, because these are what he uses to sell us his official version of events.
    The muzzle print on Ford’s back is essential to the story Beck has repeated to us at every opportunity.

    Here is what the Autopsy Report says about the muzzle print:

    “Dr. Fajardo and Dr. Wang were consulted for gunshot wound appearance and they concur that the right back wound has muzzle imprint.”

  • afine tail

    The autopsy exam was performed by Dr. Poukens and the autopsy report is signed by him. Nowhere else in the exam or report does Poukens call another Dr. for consultation, except for the muzzle print of Gunshot #2 in Ezell Ford’s back.

    Why would Poukens need consultation on the muzzle print?
    Does he already know this is very important to Chief Beck’s story, so he goes out of his way to get two other coroner’s medical examiners to sign off on the muzzle print to make it an uncontested slamdunk?

    There is a much more plausible explanation for why Pouken’s autopsy report lists consultation on the muzzle print.

  • afine tail

    Dr. Poukens was probably having a hard time seeing the muzzle print made by Gunshot #2, that’s the shot which entered through the back of Ezell Ford.

    As close and hard as he looked, Poukens couldn’t see a muzzle imprint.
    But everyone else saw it.

    Dr. Poukens performed the autopsy exam.
    He lists 4 witnesses present for the autopsy – Dr. Fajardo of the Coroner’s Office and 3 LAPD sent by Charlie Beck.

    Exactly where are the witnesses standing??
    Are they separated from the examination room behind double-pane glass standing inside an observation gallery?

    Or maybe the witnesses are wearing surgical masks and hairnets standing in the examination room with Dr. Poukens, next to Dr. Poukens, behind Dr. Poukens, on either side of Dr. Poukens squeezing him between them as they ask questions and offer their own observations and conclusions on the autopsy exam that Poukens is trying to perform.

  • afine tail

    “Dr. Fajardo and Dr. Wang were consulted for gunshot wound appearance and they concur that the right back wound has muzzle imprint.”

    It doesn’t say “we concur” (Dr. Poukens, Dr. Fajardo, Dr. Wang),
    It says “they concur” ( Dr. Fajardo, Dr. Wang)

    The Ezell Ford autopsy was performed by coroner’s medical examiner Dr. Pouken’s and the report is signed by Dr. Pouken’s.

    Dr. Poukens doesn’t see a muzzle imprint caused by the gunshot in Ezell Ford’s back, but Chief Beck’s ally Dr. Fajardo and 3 LAPD witnesses sent by Beck can see it.
    Dr. Fajardo calls in Dr. Wang for a look. Dr. Wang also sees the muzzle print.

    The autopsy report written by Dr. Poukens contains no determination by Dr. Poukens on the existence of a muzzle imprint.

    Poukens report only lists the opinions of Dr. Fajardo and Dr. Wang who concur there is a muzzle print.

  • afine tail

    If and when the time comes that testimony is needed from the Coroner’s office about the muzzle imprint left on Ezell Ford’s back from Gunshot #2, they will not send Dr. Poukens.
    They don’t need to send Dr. Poukens, who performed the autopsy, to testify about the muzzle imprint.
    They can send Dr. Fajardo or Dr. Wang.

  • afine tail

    The muzzle imprint left by the gunshot to Ezell Ford’s back is essential to Chief Beck’s strategy in dealing with the repercussions from this shooting.
    Ezell Ford was unarmed and he was shot in the back.
    That is not a pretty picture to offer to the public.
    Ezell Ford has a gunshot in the back. Its there and Beck can’t undo it or make it disappear.
    But he can offer an explanation for the gunshot which makes it seem acceptable. The muzzle print is an essential component of proof for Beck’s version of events.
    Ezell Ford was on top of the officer and trying to take his gun. The officer was able to pull out his back-up gun, reach around Ford, place the muzzle of the back-up gun onto Ford’s back and fire a shot.
    Beck’s story can’t work if the shot was taken from 3 feet away, or two feet away.
    6 inches away might work if the officer has very long arms, but this officer has average length arms. So the gun muzzle has to be placed against Ford’s body for the story to work.

  • afine tail

    Chief Beck was able to get most of what he wanted into the finalized autopsy report on Ezell Ford. He got the muzzle imprint from Gunshot #2 into the report, even though medical examiner Poukens who performed the autopsy doesn’t see any muzzle print on Ford’s body.

    However, not everything in Ezell Ford’s autopsy is consistent with the version of events Chief Beck has concocted to explain the shooting for the officers.

    Beck’s story has one officer going to his back-up gun in a desperation attempt to defend himself from Ezell Ford.
    Beck has not told the public about the specific make and model of the back-up gun used to shoot Ezell Ford.

    The common assumption runs that a back-up gun uses ammunition of smaller caliber than used in the regulation issue department gun.

    If Chief Beck’s version of events is true, than this particular back-up gun uses ammunition which is 33% larger in circumference than ammunition used in a department issue gun.

    According to the autopsy report, Gunshot #1 to the abdomen and Gunshot #3 to the arm make entry wounds of 3/8 inch. These shots come from the department issue gun fired by the partner officer.

    Gunshot #2 from the back-up gun creates an entry wound measuring 1/2 inch.

  • afine tail

    Chief Beck has stated the autopsy report on Ezell Ford is not inconsistent with the officer’s version of events (actually,Chief Beck’s version of events which he has been pimping out on behalf of the officers).

    In reality, the autopsy report is inconsistent with Beck’s story – after identifying the distortions resulting from pressure exerted by LAPD on the medical examiner.

    After making allowance and correction for the distortions, the autopsy report is consistent with the version of events attributed to civilian witnesses –

    that as Ezell Ford lay face down on the sidewalk an LAPD Officer stood over him and fired a gunshot into Ford’s back from his standard department issue handgun.

  • guest

    I love how all these non-medical examiners and non-forensic pathologists love to comment on autopsies. I’m sure that Dr. Poukens, Dr. Fajardo, and Dr. Wang are more certified to do their job than anyone else on this board. Just saying Blog Doctors LMAO

  • aif eyalfien

    There are 2 basic versions of events for the shooting of Ezell Ford which are in competition for public acceptance.
    One is the official LAPD version of events enunciated and promoted by Chief Beck.

    This version works best when told in a very simple and short format leaving out any measurements or specific quantification.
    When items of detail and complexity are introduced, the acceptability of the official LAPD version of events begins dropping rapidly.

    At this point, Chief Beck is withholding all basic details.
    We don’t know the height or weight of his officers, we don’t know the make/model of the back-up gun, we don’t know which officer was pulled to the ground by Ezell Ford and which was the so-called partner officer.

    The details allow us to diagram a sequence of events and test the range of possibilities.

    Don’t you think Chief Beck would be more forthcoming on some basic details if they added strength to his version when put through a diagram test?

  • free martin

    This is January 15. Martin Luther King Jr. was born in Atlanta, Georgia on this day in 1929.
    The Martin Luther King Jr. Federal Holiday is coming this Monday January 20. That’s when the U.S government workforce will have a day off with pay. Most state employees will also be off work with pay this coming monday.
    Some businesses will also give their employees a day off for King day. Banks and other financial institutions will be closed on monday. Knowing how banks are concerned with profit and image, they will try to get away without paying as many workers as possible that won’t damage their image.
    Its a good thing we celebrate King’s birthday. I’m not sure how good it is that most years, we celebrate King’s birthday on a day that wasn’t his actual birthday. Instead we celebrate King’s birthday the American way – the easy way.
    But Dr.King’s message wasn’t about the easy way. It was about the right way. And doing things the right way sometimes requires a lot of sacrifice and suffering.
    Dr. King’s message was rooted in honesty. The greatest gift that we can give to others and to ourselves is honesty. Of course, the truth can be uncomfortable. That’s why we often find ourselves not accepting the real truth and choosing an easier way.
    We do this as individuals and as a community. We say we want the truth, but then we reject the messenger of honesty. We turn around and embrace the one who can deliver an easier. more comfortable truth.
    Charlie Beck is an incredibly talented storyteller. He really knows how to gauge his audience and deliver an easy truth with a tone of genuineness and comfort.
    That’s why we like him. Even if we claim to oppose his actions and decisions, we still like him.
    Dr. King was born on this day in 1929. He wasn’t taken over by the need for you to like him. He was more concerned with earning your trust. He wasn’t trying to earn your trust by telling you an easy story. All he had to give you was honesty. And he was ready to accept all the honesty you could give to him.
    Do you think Charlie Beck or anyone can become Chief of LAPD by delivering total honesty??
    We don’t allow that any longer.
    But since Dr. King was born on this day in 1929, you will receive honesty about the shooting of Ezell Ford.
    There are no hero’s and no villians, forget about that.
    There is a victim. Truth is the victim. It almost always is because we prefer the easy way.

  • free martin

    We are looking at 2 competing version of events for the shooting of Ezell Ford. There is the official LAPD version which is barely plausible only when all the basic details are left blank. Start filling in the complexity and the official LAPD version starts sprouting major leaks, i.e. can’t hold water.
    Then we have the civilian witness version of events: the officers pull up on Ezell Ford, jump out of the patrol car, rush him onto the ground, as Ford is lying on the ground on his stomach one of the officers is standing over him and fires a shot into his back, one of neighbors on 65th Street heard someone say “shoot him”.

    At this juncture we are asked to choose between the 2 versions – which one to believe and which to reject.

    Any reasonable person is going to choose the official LAPD version.
    The official version requires a stretch of imagination to gain acceptance, but the civilian witness version seems totally preposterous.

    How can anyone in their right mind accept that 2 uniformed LAPD officers in a marked patrol car pull up to an unarmed man, put him on the ground and shoot him in the back on a residential sidewalk in front of numerous witnesses?

    The civilian witness version only starts to become believable when we begin to fill-in detail to explain exactly how this could have happened.

    As detail is added to the official LAPD version it begins to fall apart.
    As detail is added to the witness version, we will begin to understand how the tragic sequence of events could have happened.

    Tragic for Ezell Ford and his family. Tragic and supremely regrettable for the officers as well.

  • free martin

    The major and operative factor which underlies the actions of the LAPD officers that resulted in the deadly shooting of Ezell Ford was:

    severely diminished cognitive functioning and impaired motor control and reflex due to extreme exhaustion.

    This is going to be fully explained, but first you must know that the LAPD will not touch this. The Police Union won’t touch this. No police department or police chief around the country is going to freely come near this truth.

    This is the third rail of police work. It is taboo from the east Coast to the west Coast.

    We have rules for truck drivers and machinery operators and doctors working in hospitals.
    There must be some limit to how long they can work without getting adequate sleep. There are limits because people operating machinery, driving trucks and working in hospitals cannot afford to make critical errors due to exhaustion – innocent people could get killed.

    When it comes to our police in uniform who must respond to intense and complex situations and carry a variety of weapons as their tools, including loaded guns – we are forbidden from even mentioning the increasing risk of deadly errors as they go deeper into the exhaustion zone

  • free martin

    We have dedicated ourselves today. Dedicated to honesty.
    We are mourning the loss of something more valuable than diamonds. The truth.
    The truth took a really big hit when Charlie Beck took over the handling of the Ezell Ford shooting.

    Beck has pulled out all the stops on this one. He has gone to his vault of special favors to call in so the truth can be pressured, squeezed and pounded to fit his orders. He would have the officers believe that he is doing this for them. He wants to be seen as their protector. Protecting them from an insensitive public. Protecting them from the wheels of justice.

    And maybe he is. but he is doing it for himself.
    The Ezell Ford shooting presented an opportunity for Chief Beck. He grabbed it and he is running the field with it.
    His reputation with the rank and file had gotten pretty tore up because of favoritism in his adjudication of disciplinary matters. Beck has seized on this tragedy as an opportunity to demonstrate how far he is willing to go to shield the officers from consequences.

    Hold the officers responsible for what they are responsible for, but don’t blame them for the official version that Beck has shoved in your face every time the cameras are rolling. Its very improper, unseemly and unprofessional for the Chief to take the lead role in communicating to the media and the public in this type of incident.

    When utilizing the approach which has been chosen, the Chief should stay behind the scenes. He assigns an assistant as the point man to the public.

    But Chief Beck wanted to maximize Ezell Ford to shore up his standing with the disaffected and disillusioned officers whose dissatisfaction boiled over into public view last year.

    But why stop there?
    Ezell Ford’s shooting is the debacle that keeps on giving – to Charlie Beck.
    What Beck has pulled off is amazing. Not only is he sheltering the officers, but he has rigged the game to boost his own ratings with the public.

    Chief Beck has been using Ezell Ford to play “Good cop, bad cop” with us.

    One of his commanders sweeps up hundreds of lawful demonstrators into a mass arrest, Charlie Beck gets them all released from jail in time for Thanksgiving.

    Some protestors try to enter LAPD headquarters to deliver a letter, they are manhandled and arrested as if the Constitution was never signed.
    Chief Beck, a man of moderation and reason, makes sure everything gets corrected and welcomes the formerly banished citizens inside for a cordial meeting.

    But the end result of Beck’s charade – is that he is temporarily boosting his popularity at the expense of the officers.
    And he is concealing his own culpability by hiding out in the open.

    Because Chief Beck bears significant responsibility for the management practices at Newton which scheduled officers for patrol duty in their dangerously ragged condition.
    Beck didn’t fire the gun, but the shot that killed Ezell Ford traces back to Chief Beck.

  • free martin

    Let’s take a moment for an appreciation of the medical examiner who performs the autopsy. The autopsy is a search for truth. And its a job most of us would not be comfortable trying to do, no matter how much the pay.
    You can’t even imagine how much pressure was felt by the medical examiner. You can bet that it was not pleasant. And the final report should be viewed under consideration of the unprecedented influence exerted on behalf of the official version of events.
    They may have been squeezed and squeezed, but they did not surrender. They have their honor and their dignity and they found a way to live by it.
    They sent us a message tucked inside that autopsy report on Ezell Ford.
    Close the windows and turn off all the noise. If you can do that, you will hear the message calling out in the silence.
    From the autopsy report:
    “I performed the initial external body exam of the decedent at the Forensic Science Center, refrigerator, the decedent was observed lying in a supine position on a small table in the receiving processing room.”

    on a small table? How small was that table? where is the regular size table?
    Maybe i’m wrong. I probably am wrong.
    But I think the person who wrote this is trying to tell us -“something is not right here. something is very out of the normal here.”

  • free martin

    Exhaustion results in diminished cognitive function.
    We perceive the statements and actions of of those around us in real-time. The brain processes, filters and interprets the perceptions for their meaning.
    The mind is constantly working to form our understanding of what is going on, what others are communicating.
    Exhaustion pares down this internal cognitive processing.
    We misunderstand, misinterpret.
    This leads our responses and reactions to become mismatched and inappropriate. As exhaustion reduces our ability to take in all of the nuance conveyed, our understanding becomes less balanced.
    We latch onto one seemingly obvious interpretation and it becomes exaggerated. Our patience wears thin, our judgement becomes faulty and we risk over reacting.

    We can be in a state of exhaustion and not feel tired or drowsy. We can feel just fine, energized, ready for anything.
    As long as the system is artificially boosted by pots of coffee, other chemical stimulants and we are receiving lots of sensory stimulus (conversation, lights, sound, motion, activity) we feel and appear as if in a normal operating condition.

    Remove all the sensory stimulus and we might fall fast asleep in a moment.

    Increase the complexity of interaction and level of cognitive function required and our performance becomes filled with errors.

  • free martin

    Thousands and thousands of taxpayer dollars will be spent on salary for investigators and support staff. thousands of hours of work will get billed to produce hundreds of pages and addendum reporting on the incident which resulted in the death of Ezell Ford.
    However, you won’t find anything in that report to match the crucial understanding which we will explore right now in a few sentences.

    These cops are not robots. They are people. You cannot gain true understanding of what happened and how and why it happened by refusing to evaluate all of the factors which contribute to their human condition.

    The official reports on the shooting will completely deny any role for evidence of exhaustion as an important factor. Because it does not exist in police work. It applies to everyone else, but police work is exempt.

    Its still January 15 here in L.A. Cali so we will ask questions in that area, because we are ready to face the truth – in honor of the sacrifice and the light that was MLK Jr.

  • free martin

    In our truth-based search for understanding, we make an activity log for each officer which stretches back 5 days from the point of the shooting and which accounts for 24 hours in each day.
    It should be as complete and accurate as possible.
    The log describes activities and events observed or participated in. Anything which may have had an impact on the physical/emotional/mental condition gets listed.

    The most powerful weapon available to a police officer is his/her brain.
    The brain requires adequate rest for proper functioning.
    48-72 consecutive hours with no substantive rest and diminished cognitive function becomes observable.
    Employment with LAPD has a work shift schedule not available in most jobs. I believe it’s something like 12 hour shifts for 4 days, 3 days off. Then 3 days on, 4 days off. Anyone please let us know if this is incorrect.
    This kind of scheduling can be very desirable, especially for officers who commute a long distance from home to work.
    It can also produce some negative effects if not properly managed.

  • free martin

    Consider the following example:
    Newton gang unit officers are on patrol in the vicinity of 65th Street and Broadway. They spot Ezell Ford and decide to initiate a pedestrian stop for questioning. They are in the last hour of a 12 hour shift. They have worked 4 consecutive days, possibly even 5 consecutive days.
    Roll back the clock to first day of the work week. One of the officers commutes into L.A. from Redlands, or Lake Arrowhead, or Beaumont. He is a single guy. Instead of commuting back home between shifts, he stays in town. He has friends with a place in Redondo Beach or Huntington Beach. He stays there between shifts on Friday and Saturday, maybe even Sunday. Its August. The officer is with his friends down at the beach playing volleyball, riding bikes, hitting the bars for some drinks and dancing. He’s having a great time. Gets almost no sleep, then drives into L.A. for work at Newton. 12 hour shift. Then back to Huntington – beach, bars, partying, no sleep. Back to Newton.

  • free martin

    Now its Sunday evening. Our officer has completed his 3rd consecutive work day. Let’s make it the 4th consecutive work day. He finished his work week. His plan is to drive home to Redlands. At the moment he is off-duty but still in uniform and jabbering with a buddy who is on-duty at the Newton front desk. Regulations don’t allow off-duty officers to remain fraternizing with on-duties at the station, but its slow at the front desk and Newton is lax on that rule. I don’t know that for sure, but I’m asking – was Newton slacking on that little rule?

  • free martin

    A sergeant calls up to the Newton front desk. He asks if our off-duty officer has left the station or if he is still hanging out. The on-duty officer hands the phone call to the off-duty. The sergeant says “I’m glad you are still here, we need to fill a couple of shifts in the morning – you can help us out right?”

    The sergeant doesn’t ask our officer how he is feeling, how much rest he has gotten during the week, he doesn’t even come out for a close look at our officer and listen to his responses in person.
    That is all overlooked.

    The sergeant’s task was to fill a couple shifts at the last minute and he did his job. The client will be satisfied.

    Client? What client?
    You know, the hip-hop recording artist coming into town for a gig and a t.v. appearance who booked a 3 man detail with his favorite off-duty LAPD security team.

    I don’t know if this was going on at Newton. I don’t.

    But can you explain to me how a full-time LAPD officer can run a private security firm unless his station captain or someone in authority is accommodating special requests for scheduling adjustments?

    And how does the captain prevent his station’s manpower requirements from becoming subordinated to the staffing needs of a private for-profit security company?

    You remember reading the articles posted last year on JasCann’s website about the takeover of the Newton PAL.

    You saw the photo from the Newton PAAL event showing LAPD Chief Beck, Newton Station Captain Ed Prokop and Newton Officer Darius Trugman.

    Maybe Trugman doesn’t need any favors with his LAPD schedule to work his private jobs. Tell me he doesn’t and I will believe you.

  • fergie dai

    Our officer thought he would be heading home for his 3 day weekend, but now he is scheduled to start another shift in the morning. The only proper plan is to remain at the station and catch up on some sleep in the officer nap room. He enters the nap room. There are sleep cots and blankets. There are no windows, so it can remain dark as night and a heavy door to prevent outside noise from disturbing the restful conditions. There are 2 other off-duties already in the nap room, but they aren’t lying down. Televisions aren’t allowed in the nap room, but someone has brought in a little television. The 2 other guys are sitting up and watching T.V.
    Its tuned to CNN broadcasting non-stop live from Ferguson, Missouri.

  • fergie dai

    Someone is saying “wake up, wake up, wake up!”
    Our officer opens his eyes. For a moment he doesn’t know where he is or what day it is. He is at the station, its morning, he has to start his shift. He tries to remember what happened. He had started watching TV with the guys. He had been drowsy but that disappeared when he started watching the broadcast from Ferguson, Missouri. This was sensational and captivating news for anyone, especially for a police officer. He watched the broadcast and talked with other guys for 2 or 3 hours. He is not sure, he must have simply passed out hard asleep at some point. At least he got in 2, 3 or 4 hours of sleep. It wasn’t completely restful sleep because the TV had remained on the entire time. Splash some water on the face, gulp down a couple mugs of Newton java, start another shift.
    Start another shift as a Newton division gang unit officer on patrol with a loaded gun and a badge and all the authority vested in him by the State of California.
    And a full 3 days+ behind on rest.
    Feeling irritable, ornery. Short term memory now showing impairment. His partner tells him something and a couple minutes later he asks the partner “what was that you said?”. He knows the partner just told him something, but he can’t remember what it was.
    Our officer is still several hours away from making a pedestrian stop on Ezell Ford at 65th and Broadway, but he is already in a precarious state of diminished capacity and distorted perception due to exhaustion.
    Is it possible he could take out his gun, disengage the safety and then a minute later forget that he took off the safety?
    Is it possible he could take out his gun and unintentionally drop it?
    Is it possible he could take out his gun, go to place his finger at the trigger and squeeze off a shot without wanting to?
    exhaustion has left his reactions and reflexes so jangled that he could unintentionally squeeze hard when he only wanted to squeeze light, yes.

  • fergie dai

    This officer has an obligation to the public. just like you or I have an obligation to anyone we might come into contact with, whether friend or stranger.

    The rule applies to police officers and civilians just the same:

    “You has gots to check yourself befores you wreck yourself”

    or else you have to get so far away there is no chance of anyone getting hit by pieces that come flying off.

    At this point, the officer must remove himself from patrol. He will be responsible for any damages resulting from errors due to his diminished capacity. To continue working his patrol shift constitutes negligence.

    The management hierarchy must also encourage, facilitate, require the officer to check out if he is not in a safe operating condition. If the organization attempts to penalize, criticize, dissuade an officer from coming in off the track when he has identified himself as below safe operating level then the organization and the management is responsible for damages due to their negligence.

  • Bobby Lee Smith

    Leaders you know who you are. Are you afraid to name them? I have been living under a rock, running my businesses… So do tell, what leaders are you talking about. You are a racial divider when you assert that a black police executive cannot have an opinion different then that of “his race.” Are elected black republicans leaders, yes. Would you disagree with them and call them sell outs? I sure hope not.

  • Duke Waingro

    I noticed the officers in this case were not fired, are the protestors still there?

  • Mr Smith

    She’s a lying joke – making a very bold claim that “she’s not hard to find”…she needs to amend that to read “you might find me but I’ll never deign to acknowledge you.”

    Her holier-than-thou antics continue unabated due to her lack of accountability. I, personally, have attempted to engage the woman via email. It is a discourse she’s been too cowardly to undertake.