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This is so good that it deserved to be my first blog post of 2015.

Black Activists Challenge “Black Leaders” to Stand in Solidarity with the Black Community and Stop Collaborating and Meeting with LA Police Chief Until He Meets with Activists

As they should…

Black Lives Matter Los Angeles (BLMLA) is challenging African-American community leaders to show some solidarity with Black Angelenos by ceasing and desisting from meeting and collaborating with Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck until he agrees to and meets with their group regarding the Aug. 11 killing of Ezell Ford. Two organizers with BLMLA, Dr. Melina Abdullah Professor and Chair of Pan-African Studies at California State University, Los Angeles and journalist Sha Dixon were arrested Mon. morning while trying to hand deliver a letter requesting a meeting with Chief Beck to the front desk of LAPD headquarters.

In case you have been living under a rock for the past week, BLMLA wants to meet with Chief Beck regarding the immediate firing of Sharlton K. Wampler and Antonio Villegas, the officers involved in the shooting death of Ezell Ford in South Los Angeles.

Now having some understanding of the process of firing of police officers as it relates to the LAPD (Frank Lyga), while I don’t see the Chief being able to actually agree to fire Wampler and Sharlton and not find himself in hot water with his officers, he can agree to and meet with them to at least to hear them out.  That he can and should do. If you ask for community feedback, you can’t choose what feedback to accept and what feedback to just ignore.  He is after all the chief of police.

Before LAPD broke up the Occupy LAPD encampment on Mon. Jan 5, BLMLA and supporters had been positioned outside of LAPD headquarters for seven continuous days. The group has since resumed their position outside of LAPD headquarters.

I don’t see this ending anytime soon and if all it will take is a meeting with the activists for them to roll up camp and head home, then I would think that even the officers assigned to LAPD headquarters would be begging the chief to just sit down and meet with them.

As far as colluding and plotting with the police department as it relates to the protesters, those “leaders” and they know who they are, need a reality check.  See, unlike them, I don’t call myself the leader of any group or movement–but they do.  From day one these “leaders” have been out of step with reality and the community they claim to represent.  Some even going so far as to throw their community under he bus–and yes I am talking about the Christian Science Monitor article and that shooting on Hoover and Gage that involved to LAPD officers being shot it.  No, it wasn’t retaliation for police brutality, but these same “leaders” wasted no time in blaming their own people for taking revenge on cops.  In the end, the cops just got caught in the middle of some gang shoot out.

It will be interesting to see if these “leaders” listen to their community for once and stop trying to falsely represent them in the and to the media and with the chief of police. Honestly, they have about as much credibility and say so with Blacks as Chief Beck does at this point.