Okay, this is officially a rant.

I can’t decide whether I am more annoyed with Sen. Clinton for still being in the race or my local news stations for trying to convince me on the morning news that somewhere between the weather and the traffic reports, teachers and assistant principals in jail accused of sexually molesting their students, cyclones that left thousands dead, and the overnight gang banger fatalities that BRITNEY SPEARS ATTENDING HER SISTER’S BABY SHOWER AND HER COURT APPEARANCE WAS ACTUALLY NEWSWORTHY.

Let me get this straight. The news writers can’t manage to get the names of the neighborhoods correct for their stories (labeling Palms as Mid City and anything south of the 10 Freeway as South L.A) that anchors then repeat to their viewers, but they somehow managed to get every freaking detail of Britney Spear’s trip back home and her court appearance.

For the record, I could give a HOT DAMN about Britney Spear’s and I am irritated—no make that insulated—that my local news stations think that in the morning, when I am trying to figure out what to wear depending on the weather and how to best dodge L.A.’s daily traffic jams that I need to know what MISS THING IS UP TO. Especially when there are hundreds of women and men going to court everyday regarding custody of their children that we hardly ever hear about.

If it wasn’t so damn sad, it’d be comical watching anchors, with straight faces, switch from telling you about the innocent person who was gunned down on the freeway and then abruptly cutting to video of Britney getting into a chauffeur driven car trying to avoid the paparazzi.

Who the hell do they think they’re fooling? Oh yeah—us.

I just had to get that off of my chest. I can continue on now. Thank you for letting me vent.

But before I go, the clip below goes out to the news writers, anchors, and MISS THING HERSELF for diluting my morning news with bullshit!