“Armageddon” actor Bruce Willis is speaking out on Isaiah Washington’s firing from ACB’s hit TV show ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, insisting that his punishment was a “little over the top”.

Bruce Willis claims the decision to end Washington’s contract, after he made a homophobic remark he made about castmate Knight last October of last year, and repeated at the Golden Globe Awards earlier this year, was a knee-jerk reaction and will be regretted in the future.

Willis tells Time magazine, “I hate to think we live in a time when you can get fired from your job because of what you say. (Isaiah Washington) didn’t punch anyone. I think we’ll think differently with hindsight.”

Thank you Bruce. 

Of all the Black actors that have worked with Isaiah over the years, I ain’t heard a peep publicly showing support for him.  But at least Bruce Willis had the nerve to speak his mind and keep it real.

P.S. Brucey, please don’t forget to sign the petition