But the night certainly belonged to the dreadlocked, still very much homophobic Jamaican dancehall star, who had no apologies for his discriminatory lyrics lashing the gay community.

The above quote is from the Stabroek News in Guyana where reggae artist Buju Banton performed the song that he said that he doesn’t sing anymore, “Boom Boom Bye.”

The occasion was Guyana’s Music Festival held at the Guyana National Stadium over the weekend.

And there’s more…

"Buju nah like no batty boy and dem batty boy attack Buju", the singer said to an adulating audience who seemed to have been waiting for that exact moment. And perhaps feeling the vibes of the embracing crowd and the urge to sing his controversial song, "Boom boom bye", the singer belted out a few of the lyrics nearing the close of his performance.

But Buju was not the only performer to have walked that line. Kiprich, another Jamaican star who appeared much earlier in the night also sang out against the gay community and the audience largely enjoyed it.

Remember that Buju Banton enthusiastically performed the song “Boom Bye Bye” here in the States.  Here is a clip of him leading an audience sing-along at the May 29, 2006 Miami Memorial Fest concert. Please note this was AFTER the UCLA gig where his management emphatically stated  he wasn’t performing the song anymore.

Yes, but this is the same guy that did tell, “Fuck them
in response to the many protests around the country over his anti-gay

So remember this when they come back to the States trying to book
shows and get protested.  You can’t come here and lie and then go somewhere else and show
your true colors.

h/t Tom in Houston