California vs. Cannick: More Pretrial Madness

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The People of the State of California
vs. Jasmyne Cannick
Round Four: More Pretrial Madness

Okay my lovely people, I know I’m late with my court update.

For the record, I was thrown off by my BFF’s mom dying the same day I had court and then dealing with all of that kept me very busy over the next couple of weeks.  Add to that, I was honestly trying to enjoy the rest of my summer. But now I look at the calendar and low and behold, I have court again tomorrow.

So let’s see, where to begin?

My last court date seemed to last forever. We had two motions before the court and trust me when I tell you the City Attorney’s office was trying their best not to lose on either one. In the end we won one and we lost one.

The motion we won was that the City has to turn over to us tomorrow all of the names of the police officers who were on this so-called skirmish line that I attempted to cross and had to be held back from–but yet there is no video of.

The City Attorney argued that the LAPD didn’t keep records of such things and wouldn’t know who was where. Good thing for me that through my attorney we were able to provide the City Attorney’s office with the exact copies of the forms that the LAPD uses in these types incidents for reporting, including a copy of something called Special Order No. 3. The City Attorney’s office didn’t like that at all.  It got so bad they tried to insinuate before the judge that we made up the forms and they would need to check into their authenticity.  Go right on ahead and do that, lol. On a side note, I’d just like to give a big thank you to all of my folks in the Department who are looking out for me and making sure I have all of the information I need.  It’s much appreciated!

The judge ordered the City Attorney to provide all of the names, reports, logs and other information for a three-hour window for all of the officer’s involved who claimed to have witnessed me resisting arrest and/or leading folks to cross a skirmish line.

The City Attorney also has to hand over any paperwork, video, etc that shows the LAPD giving their dispersal order and declaring an unlawful assembly.  That’s a big deal because if you remember the LAPD flip flopped on whether or not they gave one and then whether or not it could be heard. Your tax dollars at work via the City Attorney’s office led them to try and argue that the LAPD doesn’t keep track of dispersal orders either, lol.  And in my best impression of Maury Povich, we know that too is a lie.

So it will be pretty interesting to see what the Deputy City Attorney actually hands over to us tomorrow after she argued for over an hour that the Department didn’t keep such records.

My trial is expected to begin sometime on October so stay tuned.  I’ll update you later on what happens at court tomorrow.

Ciao and thank you again to Team Jasmyne–the official members and the undercover members helping me on the sly. You are all appreciated!

Until next time, I’ll just do my dance and cuff my pants and twist my fingaz with my hands…

My actual arrest

KNBC news report on my arrest

Video from the protests on Nov. 26


The Court of Public Opinion

  • jubileeshine

    there was no dispersal order. the police had been cat & mousing us as we headed through downtown toward staples center where the lakers game was set to begin. they were desperate to prevent us from engaging the pre game crowd.

  • The American

    What you have described the City Attorney doing is not usually made public. The City Attorney uses these same tactics to defend the City and prevent documents used by the LAPD and required within and outside of the LAPD for Statistical Purposes and to receive certain federal funds for Policing. I hope that your Attorney receives all of the requested discovery and then calls the courts attention to the deceit of the Deputy City Attorneys. They know there is a Civil Law Suit coming and they are already trying to minimize the damage and vaporization of their defense as a result of providing discovery they KNOW FULL WELL EXISTS! People are sent to prison and county jail with use of these tactics that the courts know and condone from the Office of the City Attorney This also brings up a clear example of why THE LAPD WILL NOT MAKE THE BODY CAM MATERIAL AVAILABLE TO THE PUBLIC! The City Attorney’s Office dent represent the people of the City it represents the Politicians of the city. DEFEAT CAN AND WILL BE YOURS! Keep the faith Keep Calm and enjoy the show. I was successful and you will be too. I was accused of “Crossing A Skirmish Line” as a Sergeant of Police who had responsibility of to provide medical aid to a pregnant female who had been hit in the stomach with a police baton by a police officer. I was in charge of controlling the Skirmish Line. SO I TYPE FROM EXPERIENCE.

  • You are very lucky in a way, in real life you would NOT have access to Special Order No. 3. Your position with your blog puts you in a position that is 100 times better than the average poor/middle class person. Now that you have Special Order No. 3. you have two extreme advantages, you have received valuable info for your case, and better than that you made the CA a perjuring liar. This should be pointed out at trial, how the CA lied, under oath and in open court, by claiming there was no such Special Order No. 3 evidence. What else has the CA withheld/lied about? That alone is pure gold. The problem is the judges are almost uniformly on the side of “The People”, as evidenced by the low reversal rate of criminal trials on appeal (3.8%), while the rate of reversal for The People on Appeal is 10 times that, or 1,000% better (48%), so this may be barred at trial although it is critical evidence because it goes to the credibility (and motive) of the CA. I cannot see the CA taking this to a jury, even before Special Order No. 3 , but they may be doing this as a form of harassment, and if that is the case (very possible) then the goal is not to win a trial, but to force you to go through the time, energy and expense of a criminal charge, not to mention massive brain damage from all of it. It is a “warning”, and trust me I have been there, and the deals will keep getting better and better all the way until the trial starts. Expect a reduction of charges to an “infraction” disturbing the peace charge and $25 fine a day before your trial starts. Don’t cave.

  • I will never cave. Never. I didn’t break the law so we can take as far as they want to take it and it looks like we’ll be going to trial very soon.

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  • cutty sark

    The proceedings against Cannick do not bode well for the City, the taxpayers of the City, nor the well being of certain institutions with an essential role in the very fiber of daily civic life.

    Chief Beck, who has lead the way to progress and improvement in many areas, is very clear when speaking about his devotion to the LAPD and its officers past, present and future.
    The problem is his love for the department is exceeded only by his own ego, his self-righteousness and his drive to maintain his position and authority.

    Chief Beck will not admit to the public the intensity of his beef with Jasmyne Cannik. The Chief knows as well as anyone the dangers created when a policeman allows himself to become too personally invested in a specific case.

    Beck believes Cannik crossed the line by scooping him in divulging the identity of 2 officers who shot and killed Ezell Ford.
    The Chief is determined to his extract his punishment on her, but he is acting from a dangerously un-balanced perspective.

    A more noble man and a more visionary leader placing the highest priority upon his long-term stewardship of the organization would understand that its time to back-off on Cannik and drop this line of attack. Because the ultimate cost to win this particular battle is so great that it effectively means losing.

    It means allowing those officers of higher ambition and lowered ethics to make-up whatever paperwork is required and offer their testimony of whatever is needed for the City Attorney to continue the offense against Cannik.

    It also means drawing up the list of officers whose cooperation was needed, but was witheld based upon their devotion to principles and commitment to their oath.
    Anyone on that list will begin a process which questions their loyalty and their capability, wedges them away from participating in the esprit-de-corps of their colleagues, and gives them assignments structured to produce the kind of violations of policy and failures of performance needed for documentation leading to their disqualification and purging from the organization.

    Exactly how many will be placed into and driven through either side of the equation can’t be calculated at this point, but the potential casualties are greater than one would first guess.

    Because the nature of the legal charges against Cannik are based upon an essential lie, they carry an extremely potent toxicity which is at risk of release and blowback into the entire department.

    A continued misapplication of the rules and misuse of authority in order to sustain the malicious criminal prosecution of Ms. Cannik runs directly counter to the values which Chief Beck claims to champion – maximizing transparency and insuring quality of the process.

    As those values are torn and trashed to feed the Vendetta against Ms. Cannik in one hearing chambers, any efforts made to practice those values in all the other hearing chambers are poisoned.

    The only victory against Ms. Cannik which can be gained through maintaining this course will come at the cost of an epic rollback in post-Christopher achievements departmentwide.


    While, I differ with Jasmyne on some things I have to give her credit where credit is due. She is 10 steps ahead of the City Attorney and the LAPD and she will definitely win this case.

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  • neroden

    Ms. Cannick has helped everyone because now Special Order No. 3 — and all the other forms — are a matter of *public record* and can be used by other attorneys.

  • I look back on my comment from 2 months ago and it turned out just like I said- they did this to harass YOU. 100%. They NEVER had a case, but they could mess with you for an entire YEAR on a trumped up bogus charge, to chill your free speech. Because that is what this was all about, chilling your free speech because you make LAPD look like chumps.