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The People of the State of California
vs. Jasmyne Cannick
Round Four: More Pretrial Madness

Okay my lovely people, I know I’m late with my court update.

For the record, I was thrown off by my BFF’s mom dying the same day I had court and then dealing with all of that kept me very busy over the next couple of weeks.  Add to that, I was honestly trying to enjoy the rest of my summer. But now I look at the calendar and low and behold, I have court again tomorrow.

So let’s see, where to begin?

My last court date seemed to last forever. We had two motions before the court and trust me when I tell you the City Attorney’s office was trying their best not to lose on either one. In the end we won one and we lost one.

The motion we won was that the City has to turn over to us tomorrow all of the names of the police officers who were on this so-called skirmish line that I attempted to cross and had to be held back from–but yet there is no video of.

The City Attorney argued that the LAPD didn’t keep records of such things and wouldn’t know who was where. Good thing for me that through my attorney we were able to provide the City Attorney’s office with the exact copies of the forms that the LAPD uses in these types incidents for reporting, including a copy of something called Special Order No. 3. The City Attorney’s office didn’t like that at all.  It got so bad they tried to insinuate before the judge that we made up the forms and they would need to check into their authenticity.  Go right on ahead and do that, lol. On a side note, I’d just like to give a big thank you to all of my folks in the Department who are looking out for me and making sure I have all of the information I need.  It’s much appreciated!

The judge ordered the City Attorney to provide all of the names, reports, logs and other information for a three-hour window for all of the officer’s involved who claimed to have witnessed me resisting arrest and/or leading folks to cross a skirmish line.

The City Attorney also has to hand over any paperwork, video, etc that shows the LAPD giving their dispersal order and declaring an unlawful assembly.  That’s a big deal because if you remember the LAPD flip flopped on whether or not they gave one and then whether or not it could be heard. Your tax dollars at work via the City Attorney’s office led them to try and argue that the LAPD doesn’t keep track of dispersal orders either, lol.  And in my best impression of Maury Povich, we know that too is a lie.

So it will be pretty interesting to see what the Deputy City Attorney actually hands over to us tomorrow after she argued for over an hour that the Department didn’t keep such records.

My trial is expected to begin sometime on October so stay tuned.  I’ll update you later on what happens at court tomorrow.

Ciao and thank you again to Team Jasmyne–the official members and the undercover members helping me on the sly. You are all appreciated!

Until next time, I’ll just do my dance and cuff my pants and twist my fingaz with my hands…

My actual arrest

KNBC news report on my arrest

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