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The People of the State of California
vs. Jasmyne Cannick
Round Three: The Continuance of the Pretrial


Alright my good people, your girl returned back to the now familiar halls of the Criminal Courts Building of Los Angeles County for her pretrial hearing.  Good times.  Not!

For those new to my case, I am being charged with resisting an officer stemming from the protest that occurred in downtown Los Angeles on November 26, 2014.  To be exact, I am charged with three counts of resisting an officer P69, P148a1 and V2800 (a).

Did I do it? In my best impression of Sophia from the Color Purple: Hell (pause) no.  But don’t just take my word for it, below is the video.

I don’t take to the streets to protest the police.  It’s just not something I have ever done or have had an interest in doing.  I will however cover a protest of the police.

So at today’s proceeding the City Attorney’s office still had not produced the discovery requested by my attorney.  This would be the second time.  Anyway, the judge granted a continuance again until August 31.  This time I had to waive my right to a speedy trial, but it’s all good.  I definitely plan on having the last laugh.

In the meantime since last we spoke about my case the L.A. Times published an article looking at the number of people arrested and actually prosecuted by the City Attorney’s office.   I wasn’t a fan of he article and I’m told it was one in several that are going to be looking at the selective prosecution of protestors and those assumed to be protesters or made out to be protesters in falsified police reports (that would be me).  With a side eye, we shall see.

In other news, it looks like there’s going to be a class action lawsuit filed by the National Lawyers Guild on behalf of those arrested during the November 26 protests.  I have my feelings about that because I don’t recall the NLG having done anything to assist Black people arrested then up to now in any of the protests.  Seems a little opportunistic on their part.  I do think however that the City is going to end up paying for the LAPD making those arrests on that Wednesday. It’s been echoed by not only the people arrested but also by those in the media who were out there as well, there was no dispersal order given by the LAPD.

Anyway, I’m not back in court until the 31st. I’ll keep you posted and a special thank you to Team Jasmyne who is doing the damn thing on this case.


My actual arrest

KNBC news report on my arrest

Video from the protests on Nov. 26