California vs. Cannick: The Arraignment

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The People of the State of California vs. Jasmyne Cannick
Round One: The Arraignment


Since anything I say can and will be used against me, I’m going to keep this short but not sweet.

Today I appeared in court for my arraignment on charges that I resisted an officer.

Well to be factually correct, I am charged with three counts of resisting an officer P69, P148a1 and V2800 (a) stemming from the protest that occurred in downtown Los Angeles on November 26, 2014.

I was arrested with over 100 people after the Los Angeles Police Department failed to give a dispersal order to protesters and decided to just start rounding folks up and arresting them.

After reviewing the narrative submitted to the court by the city attorney’s office, apparently, I, a female, black with my hair in braids and being recognized as Jasmyne Cannick from the news by one particular sergeant, was in front of the protest group. Not only was I in front of the protest group, but according to the LAPD, led the protesters to cross a skirmish line including telling this particular sergeant who recognized me as being Jasmyne Cannick from the news “we are coming through.” To which the sergeant replied that no one was going to cross the skirmish line. The narrative also claims that I was told to get back and stepped towards officers on the skirmish line and had to be pushed back to be prevented from crossing the skirmish line. According to this sergeant I appeared to be leading the protest.

The only thing this narrative was missing was “Once upon a time” and “They all lived happily ever after, the end.” Talk about falsifying a police report and providing false and misleading statements.

I don’t lead protests against the police.  I don’t cross or attempt to cross skirmish lines. Basically, they’ve got me effed up.

Anyway, my attorney entered a plea of not guilty on my behalf and pre-trial is set for June 30.

It’s on and poppin’ as they say.

My actual arrest

KNBC news report on my arrest

Video from the protests on Nov. 26


The Court of Public Opinion

  • Steve_Lamb

    Oh yeah like you CRAZY or something. The accurate part is that a Sarge recognized you and its LAPD policy to attempt to arrest all not bought paid for Leaders or potential leaders at protests and this has been unwritten but real LAPD policy since at least 1962 that I know of but probably going back to the Palmer raids.

  • robert peel

    those cops looked terrified of you lol

  • cutty sark

    A few questions come to mind. Perhaps JasCan’s attorney can submit some of these questions to the City Attorney in the course of providing for her defense.
    What is the legal definition of a “skirmish line” as referred to in this case?
    Who has the authority to establish a “skirmish line” and what are the necessary features to make it identifiable?
    What are the rules of conduct when in the presence of a skirmish line? Are these taught in the high school civics curriculum?
    What is the legal foundation by which the police declare it a crime to cross the skirmish line and under what legal principle do the police utilize physical force or violence on a peaceful citizen who crosses from one side of the skirmish line to another?
    Can there ever be more than one or several skirmish lines lined up in a line? Can a citizen legally pass from one side to the other by utilizing the space between the end points of 2 skirmish lines which are next to each other?
    Is a skirmish line a straight line? Can it ever be a jagged line or squiggly line? can it ever be a circular line? a rectangular line, triangular line, a parallelogram? how far below ground or up into the sky can the skirmish line extend?
    How quickly is a skirmish line permitted to move, morph, open and /or close?
    When the LAPD has set up a skirmish line and then utilizes tactics which drive peaceful citizens towards and into the skirmish line where they experience a use of force and/or arrest/prosecution can we still describe this by using the term “a set-up”, or has anyone come up with a better name for it?

  • robert peel

    all sorts of vehicle code section give police powers to direct traffic etc and if they gave proper dispersal orders then arrests can be made. however he is my take on the situation.they got caught out the first night and came out the 2nd night with intention to crush any problems.but by their own statements to the media they all basically say it was very peaceful the night jasmyn was arrested.go on you tube and see the demonstration.nearly every cop had their baton out from the beginning really setting an aggressive tone.look at her arrest she was passive like all the question would be if like they are saying we want people to express their first ammendment rights why were the cops looking intimidating from the outset.

  • SurfPuppy619

    If you do ANY plea deal I will never come back to this webpage….don’t pull a Daniele Watts on me…anything short of them dropping the charges, or a jury trial to verdict, will be a let down.

  • Nela

    There you go folks!!!! Your hard earned tax dollars being contributed towards the LAPD’s personal vendetta against anyone who crosses that blue line….

  • No plea deals on my end.

  • cutty sark

    The correct and legal course of action would be for the City Attorney to review today’s news about the proposed settlement of the class action lawsuit brought on behalf of those mass arrested by D.C. National Park Police in 2002 International Monetary Fund Meeting protests.
    It should then become clear to Mike Feuer that the pre-Thanksgiving 2014 mass arrests in Downtown Los Angeles by the LAPD were 100% improper and unlawful.
    It should become clear that he should immedeately drop all prosecutions resulting from those arrests and enter into active negotiations to settle damage claims against the city for the false arrests.
    Feuer’s office should also set-up and staff a direct line to provide all current and future documentation necessary for removing the arrests from all relevant databases and actively curing any negative repercussions to individuals resulting from the false arrests.
    I understand that City Attorney Mike Feuer sees himself as a career politician. I would consider him as one of our most intelligent and ethical local elected office holders.
    Using the resources of his office for prosecuting and validating these arrests may keep him in the favor of Charlie Beck, whose endorsement would be valuable to Feuer in gaining reelection as City Attorney or election to the next political office.
    However, the end result of pursuing the prosecution of these arrests will be the same as with the National Park Police and other similiar mass arrests of peaceful demonstrators in Los Angeles and elsewhere. A long and costly legal process for the city eventually resulting in complete vindication of the arrestees and multimillion $$ settlement owed to them.
    This has been the result too many times not to know this. And the pre-Thanksgiving 2014 DTLA mass arrests have even less of a claim to legal justification than put forward for these prior examples which the authorities lost in the courts.
    Politician Mike Feuer must make his decision. He can demonstrate his intelligence and sincere respect for the law by dropping these prosecutions and issueing apologies on behalf of our City.
    Or he may tow the line for supporting Beck’s LAPD’s unlawful mass arrests in DTLA.
    Speaking as someone who voted for Mike Feuer, the only acceptable course for the City Attorney is to reverse course on these arrests.
    If he continues the political persecution of JasCan and the other peaceful citizens victimized by arbitrary and false arrest in DTLA, then I will have to rate Mike Feuer as Not Qualified for election to any future public office.

  • NinaG

    As if Feuer cares…

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