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The People of the State of California vs. Jasmyne Cannick
Round One: The Arraignment


Since anything I say can and will be used against me, I’m going to keep this short but not sweet.

Today I appeared in court for my arraignment on charges that I resisted an officer.

Well to be factually correct, I am charged with three counts of resisting an officer P69, P148a1 and V2800 (a) stemming from the protest that occurred in downtown Los Angeles on November 26, 2014.

I was arrested with over 100 people after the Los Angeles Police Department failed to give a dispersal order to protesters and decided to just start rounding folks up and arresting them.

After reviewing the narrative submitted to the court by the city attorney’s office, apparently, I, a female, black with my hair in braids and being recognized as Jasmyne Cannick from the news by one particular sergeant, was in front of the protest group. Not only was I in front of the protest group, but according to the LAPD, led the protesters to cross a skirmish line including telling this particular sergeant who recognized me as being Jasmyne Cannick from the news “we are coming through.” To which the sergeant replied that no one was going to cross the skirmish line. The narrative also claims that I was told to get back and stepped towards officers on the skirmish line and had to be pushed back to be prevented from crossing the skirmish line. According to this sergeant I appeared to be leading the protest.

The only thing this narrative was missing was “Once upon a time” and “They all lived happily ever after, the end.” Talk about falsifying a police report and providing false and misleading statements.

I don’t lead protests against the police.  I don’t cross or attempt to cross skirmish lines. Basically, they’ve got me effed up.

Anyway, my attorney entered a plea of not guilty on my behalf and pre-trial is set for June 30.

It’s on and poppin’ as they say.

My actual arrest

KNBC news report on my arrest

Video from the protests on Nov. 26