I told you we’d be paying particularly close attention to the race for CA’s 47th Assembly District which is being vacated by our fav Karen Bass who is running for Congressmember Diane Watson’s seat in the 33rd Congressional District.  The front runners in the race for the 47th appear to be Holly Mitchell who is backed by Bass and Reggie Jones-Sawyer, Secretary of the CA Democratic Party.

On Monday some heavyhitters came out for Reggie including California Congressmember Maxine Waters (CA-35), Los Angeles City Councilmember Bernard Parks Sr., Steve Gourly, Board President, Culver City Unified School District, and Los Angeles Sentinel Publisher and philanthropist Mr. Danny Bakewell Sr.   a

“I am delighted to be here this morning joining with my friends elected officials Bernard Parks, Steve Gourly—the former mayor of Culver City, Danny Bakewell, a leader in our community, those who are representing organized labor and community groups and organizations and the leader of the Black Caucus of the Democratic Party, to be here with them this morning is very special and important and it shows that there is a broad range of support for Reginald Jones-Sawyer,” said Congresswoman Maxine Waters.  “You don’t get that range of support unless of course you’ve been about the people’s business and that he has been.  So I am joining with all of them to endorse Reginald Jones-Sawyer because he embodies the type of steady thoughtful leadership we need in the state of California .”

“I think Reggie Jones-Sawyer represents the kind of involvement that we would hope all of our elected officials would have before they go to the Assembly,” commented Danny Bakewell Sr., publisher of the Los Angeles Sentinel Newspaper.  “He’s not a Johnny Come Lately.  He’s not someone who saw the seat and decided to seek the seat.  He’s someone who has labored in the fields.  He’s someone who it has been said rose through the Democratic Party.  He’s someone who lives in this community.  He has lived in this community for many many years.  He is the best person for the job.”

“I’ve worked with him [Reggie] almost his entire career in the City of Los Angeles ,” explained Councilmember Bernard Parks.  “With that career, he brings with him a different perspective I think from those who just stay in the political process. He has a foundation of understanding.  He also is a person who has worked with through the system.  He understands the full Democratic process.  The great thing about Reggie is we do not have to give him a position on healthcare.  We do not have give him a position paper on the needs of the community and poverty.  We do not have give him a position paper to understand the impact of state government on the City’s future.  These are things that he lives and understands from his day-to-day work and something that I think he brings—a different view to the state Assembly.”

“I look forward to working with Reggie because he’s a friend, and because he’s a friend he’s loyal, compassionate, and intelligent and we need him Sacramento and in the 47th,” commented Steve Gourly.

Voters will go to the polls in California’s Primary Election on Tuesday, June 8 to elect a new State Assemblymember in District 47 which includes Culver City, West Los Angeles, Westwood, Cheviot Hills, Leimert Park, Baldwin Hills, Windsor Hills, Mid-City, West Adams, Ladera Heights, the Crenshaw District, Little Ethiopia and portions of Korea Town and South Los Angeles.

For more information on Reggie Jones-Sawyer’s campaign, please visit www.reggiejonessawyer.com.

For more information on Holly Mitchell’s campaign, go to www.hollymitchell.com.