We’re not against the police. We’re not against the police department, but we are against police who commit misconduct (and those who help cover it up).

Donald Trump may have trounced Hillary Clinton for the U.S. presidency but there’s an equally interesting albeit nasty race for president happening right now in Los Angeles and most people know nothing about it.

While city elections are still months away, right now thousands of Los Angeles police officers are voting on who will be the next leader of their department’s union.

Recently I detailed how Los Angeles Police Protective League Director Jamie McBride cut a deal with members of LAPD’s command staff to help out his daughter. McBride, thanks in part to his friend Assistant Chief Bea Girmala, was able to get his daughter and two other Reserve Officer recruits—all 19-year-olds–to undergo firearms training—even though it’s against department policy. Currently, LAPD Reserve Officers receive the same training as full-time officers. But while you can apply to be a Reserve Officer at the age of 18, you must be 21 to carry a gun. That includes Level III Reserve Officers who are uniformed officers and qualified to carry a firearm but they too must be at least 21 years of age.

McBride’s deal raised the eyebrows of many of his colleagues who felt that as a union rep, the only deals he needs to be making are those that benefit the entire membership and not just members of his family and their friends. I agree.

Fast forward to present day and McBride has decided to run for president of the union that represents the rank-and-file officers of the department. He is challenging current president Craig Lally.

Well this week I’m told things got heated during the union’s delegate’s meeting where both McBride and Lally delivered their candidate’s speeches.

Apparently McBride didn’t approve of Lally mentioning that during his 35-year career with the department he’d helped a lot of people—including McBride.

McBride, who is quite controversial among his colleagues for reasons I’ll get into later, was apparently going to be demoted from a Detective II to a Police Officer II—that is until Lally says he stepped in and saved him. In another instance Lally says that if it wasn’t for him, McBride wouldn’t even have his job right now.

Many folks in the room felt that Lally’s speech was both personal and emotional as he detailed and laid out the work that he’s done over the past two years as president on behalf of the union’s nearly 10,000 members.

Well after the meeting, witnesses say that McBride approached Lally, pointed his finger at him and allegedly said something to the tune of, “Fuck you. You just made this personal.”

To the extent that I care about in-fighting between folks running for president of the LAPD’s union, in today’s post Eric Garner world police union’s serve more and more as the collective public face and voice for officers and their police department’s when dealing with the community on usually controversial issues and situations. So to that end, anyone at all interested in the future of policing in Los Angeles and LAPD community relations should be paying close attention to what’s going on with race for president of the department’s police union.

In the past several weeks I’ve received countless messages from officers concerned about a McBride presidency. The amount of emails I’ve received on McBride’s candidacy easily rivals the ones I received with concerns about Chief Charlie Beck and his second term in office—so it’s serious.

Now I don’t know Craig Lally, but I do know that based on the level of concern voiced by those officers who have reached out to me and my own research on McBride, that McBride is not someone the greater public would probably want leading one of the largest police unions in the nation—and here’s why.

Both candidates for the presidency are white men who have cut their teeth moving up the ranks of the LAPD and serving in a union who only recently elected its first Black director in its 93-year-old history. But McBride, unlike Lally, has a reputation among his colleagues for being an angry white man who they compare to the alt-right followers of president-elect Donald Trump.

I don’t have the time to post every single message I’ve received from concerned officers on McBride running for president, but I can tell you that they all have a common thread.

According to McBride’s colleagues he has a penchant for being vindictive when he feels that he’s been wronged. Many say that was made abundantly clear the other evening after the delegate’s meeting, which I detailed earlier. His reputation also includes being a serial boaster about the number of people he’s shot on job.

Now that right there is a reason why he doesn’t need to be the head of the LAPD’s union. It’s hard to advocate internally and externally on behalf of police in today’s political climate when you are openly joking and boasting about the number of people you’ve shot.

I’ve heard concern over McBride’s alleged cozy relationship with the department’s special assistant for constitutional policing Arif Alikhan and members of command staff. I’ve read the repeated worries that McBride is only using the presidency as a stepping-stone in his quest to run for Sheriff of Ventura County. I’ve read every single message from officers concerned with his reputation for not liking African-Americans and Latinos—officers or civilians.

I’ve heard about the alleged incident where McBride was pulled out of the field for some shadiness and admin transferred to the valley to work because he was supposedly a risk management issue. And yes, I’ve been told about the alleged Foothill incident.

But there is very little I can do about McBride running for president except for continue to be the messenger (and apparently clearinghouse for LAPD shenanigans) for those in the department who can’t speak publicly.

Police unions are necessary organizations for the officers they represent. I get that. I also get that when it comes to the public’s concern over police abuse, misconduct and killings the two groups will hardly ever see eye to eye. However, who your leader is makes a huge difference. Just look at the current state of the LAPD. And while I would like to say that in 2016 police unions exist only for labor contract negotiations and to represent officers with employee discipline matters—that’s not the case. Nowadays, police unions are being forced to say what chiefs and police departments either can’t, won’t or shouldn’t say and engage in community relations on hot button issues.

I can offer no praise for McBride’s opponent, but I can say that I don’t have a pile of messages from officers worried about what will happen to them if he’s re-elected president. That part.

So I’ll just leave it at this, because I don’t have a vote.

For the officers who are concerned about a McBride presidency, y’all better start talking to your colleagues the same way you’re talking to me about McBride. The ballots have been mailed and voting has commenced. There’s no to time to spare.



I have to admit, sometimes the updates are my favorite part. We have quite a few we’ll be posting as more and more folks are reaching out to me with good information.

McBride on Facebook

McBride Facebook

First, it’s Jasmyne. J-A-S-M-Y-N-E.  Two syllables and seven letters. If that’s too hard Ms. Cannick will suffice. Second, you know good and damn well I am not a member of Black Lives Matter. Why you always hatin’? Third, reading must not be your strong suit because if it was, instead of focusing on me, you’d be focused on the the members who are concerned about you.  Remember Jamie, I don’t get to vote.  Kind of reminds me of your boss Chief Beck and his obsession with me and who’s talking to me instead of worrying about why they’re talking to me.—xoxoxoxo

It’s a start.  You have a few more changes you need to make though…

Facebook McBride #2

McBride on Officer Travel to Funerals for Other Officers and Food For Officers at OIS scenes

Our first update to this story involves an email response from Jamie McBride regarding officer travel to funerals and food for officers at an officer-involved-shooting scene.  It speaks for itself.


McBride on Distinguished Service Award Medals for Officers

McBride Email #2

McBride on Water for Officers Working the L.A. Marathon

McBride Email 3

What A McBride Presidency Might Look Like

The message simply said:

“Ma’am would you please add these to your article so that the League’s members could see what they’re really getting in Jaime as president?”

Sure, why not.

January 2016 Delegates Meeting



March 2016 Delegates Meeting



April 2016 Delegates Meeting



June 2016 Delegates Meeting



November 2016 Delegates Meeting


Questions About McBride from the Membership

When it comes to Jamie McBride, I’ll admit, I just don’t have all of the answers.  So I’ll just post this right here and let McBride and Co. answer accordingly. Although I must warn you now before you get your hopes up that their strategy thus far has been to deflect to their standard PR line on all things Jasmyne Cannick which consists of me being a member/leader of BLM who is the ex-girlfriend of a fake South L.A. community activist—and not actually answer any of your questions. But it’s worth a try.

Question #1

Jasmyne can you please out why Jamie is so against water and food for the officers (which is not his money anyway) when I’m told each year each director is allowed $2,000 to spend on delegate and membership issues. For 2015, it’s been said that he spent a total of $3,264.72 which is 163.24% over his budget.

Question #2

It’d be nice for you to ask the question, how does beating traffic to SOW at 0600 with an EOW at 1500 benefit the membership?

Question #3

Did Jamie ever give a reason for getting special treatment for his daughter and her friends from Girmala?

McBride’s Extracurricular Activities

I received a few emails over the weekend asking if I could follow up and find out what happened to the money from the Shootin’ Newton t-shirts McBride was selling for 20 bucks a pop. To be honest, I had received other inquiries weeks ago on this exact subject. Since voting is drawing to end, I thought I’d see if I could extract some answers for folks who have to make a decision on who they are voting for.

So basically I was told that McBride had been selling the Shootin’ Newton t-shirts out of his League office–when he was around that is–and that he was told by legal not to because the IRS would be involved.  The folks who contacted me are under the impression that McBride wanted to donate the money from the sales of the shirts to the League but the optics on that wouldn’t be too great (Ezell Ford, etc.) so the League declined leaving McBride to pocket the money–or so they believe. Whether that’s true or not remains to be seen but I’m pretty sure that the t-shirts were not a League approved item and officers say that McBride hasn’t given them the money either that they know of. So…inquiring minds want to know where did the money for the t-shirts actually go?

Don’t hold your breathe waiting on an answer that doesn’t involve deflecting to McBride and Co.’s standard PR line on all things Jasmyne Cannick related. 😆

The pictures were a nice touch though.