Black lesbian filmmaker (“Triple Minority”) Amber Sharp is at it again.

Currently she’s working on a new project entitled “Don’t Go.”  She’s billing it as “Melrose Place meets the L Words meets 227.”  Hmmm, interesting.  After reading a synopsis of the project, I can definitely see where it all ties together.

“Don’t Go” is being shot as a television series and is based on the lives of a group of tenants living in a Los Angeles 4-plex.

The Characters

In apartment #1, Jaden struggles with the rapid change of identity an unexpected pregnancy can bring.  Jaden’s journey is all the more riveting because she is a butch lesbian and her long-term partner, Melody, was born a hermaphrodite. After four years of domestic bliss and joint ownership of the 4-plex and a thriving bookstore, Jaden and Melody find their foundation shaken to the core when Melody, the more feminine partner, accidentally impregnates her bodybuilding, masculine-identified spouse.

Shanti the new tenant in #2, is full of new and confusing feelings. This young woman moved into the 4-plex in order to escape the cultural restraints of her traditional Indian family.  Intent on finding the husband of her dreams without her parent’s interference, Shanti discovers that her “husband to be” may not arrive in the package she expected.

Across the hall in apartment #3, Cindy’s “traditional” family has problems of its own.  Cindy, a talented lawyer, left her comfortable life as a partner in a corporate law firm to pursue a job as a talent agent in the entertainment industry. Currently paying her dues as the assistant to an anal, controlling, perfectionist agent, Cindy struggles to maintain her focus as she deals with a mother who suffers from a mental illness and the return of a father she’s never known.  Sometimes family obligations threaten the pursuit of our dreams.

Jess, the tenant in #4, hides behind his family.  Five years after the death of the love of his life, Jess finds himself working in the family security business, this comes after he sold his interior design firm. When Jess unexpectedly agrees to redecorate the home of a female client of the family business, he is surprised to find himself reawakening to life, both professionally and personally, as this gay man starts to have feelings for his client.

And finally, please meet Bone, a frequent visitor to the 4-plex and Jaden’s best friend. Bone is a constant support to Jaden during her pregnancy.  A mirror-image of Jaden’s muscular, butch persona, Bone should be the rock necessary to help Jaden maintain her identity while defining motherhood on her own terms.  Unfortunately, Bone harbors a secret, which may irreparably harm their relationship.  Is Jaden strong enough to be a mother?

Casting Call

If I had a penny for all of the emails that I get from actors asking me to point them on the right direction for Black LGBT projects, I’d be rich.

So this one is for the women.

Amber has confided in me that she’s still casting for two parts.

Jaden (27) – African American Butch Lesbian.  Must be able to play gender spectrum (look femme and masculine).  In relationship with Melody.

Bone (31) – African American Butch Lesbian.  Rough around the edges but sensitive when it comes to people she cares about, blunt, muscular.

Shooting is taking place here in Los Angeles.

Interested parties can send their headshots and resumes to the following: 

Hard copies can be sent to: 

3350 E. 7th Street #621

Long Beach, CA 90804

Believe me when I tell you there’s no shortage of Black lesbian women on television or in the theatres, so needless to say I will be following Amber and her latest project.  Let’s wish her well and send support her way.