There’s been a string of armed robberies in the Crenshaw area of Los Angeles. In the past week alone, CVS on La Brea Avenue and Rodeo Blvd. was hit.  Before that the Creole Chef located behind the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza near Sizzler’s. While CVS was back in business soon after the robbery, I’m sorry to report that the Creole Chef, which made a name for itself with its authentic Creole style food, has decided not reopen.

I knew something was up when I passed by the restaurant a few times last week and noticed that it was still closed. The brevity of what happened really hit me when I arrived for a previously scheduled lunch meeting at the Creole Chef and noticed that the patio furniture was gone. Upon walking up to the now vacant building, I noticed several signs in the window.

The owner of the restaurant explained that because of the robbery and the lack of service from the mall’s security, he didn’t feel safe reopening.


That was Friday afternoon.

By Saturday morning when I popped by on my way to Wells Fargo, which sits adjacent to the Creole Chef, I noticed that someone had covered up the owners signs with blank pieces of white paper tacked up with masking tape. An effort to hide what the owner said about the lack of security no doubt.

I ripped every last one of those blank pieces of paper down because the public deserves to know why we lost a great business in our community. I don’t want people driving by and assuming that the economy drove the Creole Chef out of business, because that is not the case.

The reality is that a business that sits adjacent to a mall with an L.A.P.D. substation and privately contracted security team was the victim of an armed robbery. An armed robbery that might have been avoided had there been adequate security in the area.

As for the cover-up going on over at the now vacant building of the owner’s letter to the public, if you drive by and they’re covered up again, do what I did and expose the truth. We owe the Creole Chef that much at least and their community deserves to know the whole truth about why there will be no more catfish po’boys and sweet potato fries. Not to mention, one less Black owned business in our community.