With so much drama in the industry
Hip-Hop Police are listening
Be careful or you’ll be history
Looks like another unsolved mystery
It’s murda, murda, murda
Ah it’s murda, murda, murda
Yeah it’s murda, murda murda
Somebody tell em it’s murda
Murder was the case and they blamed me

So I am watching BET and all of a sudden the video for rapper Chamillionaire’s new single Hip-Hop Police featuring Slick Rick comes on.

First, I don’t know who Chamillionaire is.  I have vaguely heard of him but I am not familiar with his work.  That said, I was kind of intrigued by his video which was a direct response to the critics of hip-hop.

Now, mind you I am watching this after just watching the news media cleverly try and blame hip-hop for dogfighting, so I am feeling particularly defensive of hip hop. 

I get that hip-hop is being blamed for all that plagues Black America, and there is some justification in our gripes with hip-hop.  When it comes misogyny, homophobia, sexism, encouraging criminal behavior, lack of respect for one’s race and culture, from the Dirty Dirty South, to the Westside of Compton, over to Harlem and the Bronx, today’s hip-hop for the most part is guilty as charged.

But you know I don’t blame the artists as much as I blame the labels and us.  At the end of the day, the artists are us.  So that means that they too suffer from years of backward thinking and self-hatred.  Theirs just manifested itself into words that rhyme instead of them being in jail doing time.  And as for us, well, the labels aren’t signing artists that they can’t sell to adoring fans.

And for the record, all of hip-hop isn’t bad or under attack.  There’s a whole crop of quote unquote conscious hip-hop artists out there, and I’m not talking about Common and Kanye West.  Feel me? 

So while Chamillionaire gets props for such a creative response, the fact still remains that hip-hip is guilty on many fronts for the degrading of not just Black women but Black people in general and there ain’t no excusing that.  So please spare me the woe is me act and you’re just a simple rapper trying to make it, because we all know how the game is played.   Check mate.